1. Unintentional Nudist

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster

    In some respects it worked out exactly as I planned. In others, I had no idea what I was about to unleash. Outward appearances would not have given a clue. Our f****y unit was not organized like that of Ward and June Cleaver but individually we could have been plugged into that scene and looked like we came out of central casting. In a crowd I wouldn't have drawn a second look. I was of average height, average build and ran around in jeans and a t-shirt. I was in decent shape since I played baseball year round but nobody would ever mistake me for a steroid using pro. My step-s****r was just over five feet tall and slight of build. She favored simple clothing as well. As such, she flew under the radar. If asked, folks would say she was attractive but it wasn't something that jumped out at you. My step-mom was not quite forty and worked as a cashier in the local grocery store. Dad had been in the military but had been killed two years earlier in a training accident. I guess outwardly we reflected his disciplined and sober approach to life. We may have even clung to it more than usual because of the choices my birth mom had made. She'd had an affair while my dad was serving overseas and they wound up divorcing. I was only ten at the time and was pretty oblivious to what was going on. It was just Dad and I for a couple years but he soon met and married my step-mom, Lisa. As I look back on it I realize it was probably more to give me a mom than him a wife. Lisa had moved into the ... area just a year earlier. She had taken a job doing office work for a college friend in her small law firm. Sadly her friend was killed in a car accident soon after Lisa started working there and the law firm closed shop. Lisa took a job at the local grocery store just to have some money coming in while she looked for something else. That's where she and Dad met. Dad had never been much for desserts but he saw her working in the bakery and suddenly he developed a sweet tooth which compelled him to visit the bakery nearly every day. They had a brief courtship and were married in a simple ceremony by the justice of the peace. Jan, my new step-s****r, and I were the only ones who attended the wedding. They were married less than a year when Dad died. One thing that was different about us was our financial situation. One doesn't join the military to get rich but my grandfather had done very well in business and so Dad got a substantial inheritance when his father passed. You'd never know it though because, other than having a paid off home, we looked like we had no more money than anyone else. The one &#034luxury&#034 we had was a swimming pool. That and the garden were the dominant features in our back yard. My room was in the back corner of the house near the garden. Both my step-mom and Jan were very into the garden. They grew veggies out there and really enjoyed picking fresh squash, tomatoes and such to add to our dinners. We were practically vegetarians though, whenever I ...