1. Unintentional Nudist

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster

    got something to eat outside the house, I tried to make up for it with plenty of meat. I'd learned at the reading of Dad's will that the house was in a trust with some unique provisions. Technically the house was mine but Lisa had the right to live in it as long as she wished. If she ever moved out though that provision was over; the house would be mine outright. She received a good chunk of change of her own but the bulk of the money went to me in a trust to be paid out over time. Money was set aside for Jan's college. There was money for my college along with a stipend for expenses and I would get one quarter of the trust assets upon getting my degree. I got another 25% at age 25 and the remaining balance would come to me at age thirty. Exclusive of the house, there was just over two million dollars in the trust. We were still finding our way to a new normal since Dad had passed away. Dad and Lisa hadn't dated very long and Dad passed within a year of their wedding so even that f****y structure was pretty tenuous. Dad was very busy getting ready for deployment and already wasn't home much. He wasn't terribly demonstrative when it came to emotions so there weren't a lot of memories of Dad and Lisa as a couple. I liked Lisa well enough but she never was much of a &#034mom&#034 figure for me. I was sixteen when they met so I didn't need much mothering. Jan and I got along well though I can't say we were incredibly close. We had some classes together in high school but ... few friends in common. It was our senior year and we were both looking forward to graduation. Rather than resenting each other, we felt a kinship in that we each were thrust into a new f****y situation that neither of us signed up for. I wasn't around that much anyway as I was always at baseball practice or in the batting cage. Dad had bought me a nice video camera that allowed me to record my swing. Looking at tape together and getting tips from him was one of the few interests we shared. Dad had played college ball and might have gone pro if he hadn't gone into the military. One night found all three of us home with no plans. Lisa was surprised to learn that neither Jan nor I had ever seen the movie &#034True Lies&#034 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. We popped some popcorn and settled in to watch it together. It was actually a pretty good film but there were some scenes that were awkward to watch together. Both Jan and Lisa looked over at me while Jamie Lee did that hotel room scene where she stripped down to a thong and bra and did a bunch of gyrations. Fortunately, they added enough comic elements to that scene that I was more inclined to laugh than squirm to hide an erection. Jan fared worse in the scene where Jamie Lee was riding in that convertible and had to thrust her head into Bill Paxton's lap to hide. Jan reacted with a mix of horror and embarrassment like most teenage girls when faced with watching a simulated blow job scene with your mom and ...