1. Unintentional Nudist

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster

    step-b*****r. Lisa surprised me with how she dealt with it. &#034Grow up, Jan. It's no big deal. You may find you even like that one of these days.&#034 &#034Mom, that's disgusting!&#034 I was pretty amused at Jan's reaction. She was truly uncomfortable and I found it hilarious. That Lisa was so matter of fact about it was something of a revelation. I suppose it's odd that a recently turned eighteen year old guy had never given a thought to his step-s****r or step-mom as females. I suppose it's inevitable that the fact that we were all three sexual creatures had to be faced at some point. I guess I f***ed the issue but it started out as a prank. Jan's reaction to that faux blowjob scene intrigued me far more than it should have. It's not like I started having sexual thoughts about her. That would have been too great a leap too quickly. You're not supposed to think like that about your step-s****r. But it did get me to wondering how she would react to seeing a real sex scene when not in a room with her mom and step-b*****r. The question was raised in my mind but day to day life pushed it out of my consciousness for a few days. I woke up on Saturday morning with the raging hard-on typical of an eighteen year old guy. I decided to watch some porn and stroke myself off before I started my day. I popped in a DVD I had and was soon lost in the action. I was startled a few minutes later by some noise outside my window. I jumped and reached to pull my blankets over me before I ... realized that I had the curtains drawn and nobody could see in from the outside. If the curtains had been open, then someone could have seen quite a sight from the window. My bed is directly beneath the window with the headboard along that wall. I have a dresser opposite the foot of the bed with my TV on there. They would have had a splendid view of a guy stroking his cock in the foreground and two cheerleaders having sex on TV. Satisfied that I was concealed from view I continued masturbating and was soon having a wonderful orgasm. I got up and walked to my bathroom door which was on the same wall as the dresser and the TV. I took a nice hot shower and was ready to start my day. As I walked out of the bathroom I glanced at my bedroom window and then walked over to open the curtains. I saw Jan working out in the garden. I started to wonder how she would have reacted to seeing that porno away from the watchful eye of her mom and step-b*****r. Would she still be grossed out or would she be intrigued? I guessed I'd never know as I certainly wouldn't be able to see her watching a porno. I couldn't even imagine her watching one in the first place. Still the idea was interesting and took up more time in my head than was really healthy. I wondered if I could catch her looking in my window while a porno was playing but was faced with how to actually see her doing so. I obviously couldn't just be sitting around looking out my window. Then the idea of my video camera jumped into my brain. I ...