1. Unintentional Nudist

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster

    could let that record her reaction and I could watch it at my leisure. I would have to find just the right spot to set up the camera to get the right view and yet not be obvious. Later that day Lisa and Jan went shopping together so I decided to do some practice runs. I put the camera on a couple books on my dresser. I angled it to where I thought it was lined up for the window. I put a couple pieces of dirty clothes on top of it to make it less obvious and then hit record. I rushed out back to stand in the window and look in. I wanted to see how facial expressions would show from that location. I stood out there for a minute and made some pretty exaggerated faces and came back in to see how it turned out. I learned a few things from that first test. The first was that it was too bright behind me so my face was hidden in shadows by the exposure of the camera. The other was that I needed to tighten the focus to get more of a close up. Solving one problem helped all the others. I closed the curtains so they were only open about a foot. That both cut down on the sunlight streaming in and also reduced the area where someone might peek through. I tried it again and had much better results. Still it would be better if it was overcast when I tried this as it would even out the exposure. It wasn't until the following Saturday morning that I had a chance to test it for real. It was spring and Lisa and Jan wanted to prep the garden area for planting. That meant turning the soil with a ... shovel and then raking out the clods and leveling the soil. It was my job to turn the soil but Jan was going to do the raking and leveling. They had decided that they wanted to have four plots out there and we'd break up the work into one plot each day for two weekends. I headed out fairly early on Saturday morning and turned the soil in one quadrant. We have both a big landscaping rake and a regular rake and had I leaned both of them against the window to my room. I glanced inside my room and could clearly see my TV from where Jan might grab a rake. Despite the fact that it was fairly cool out I had worked up a decent sweat. Jan was nearly done with breakfast as I came back inside and told her that I had one area ready to go and that I was going to grab a shower and chill out in my room for a while. She said she was going to head out back right after breakfast. When I got to my room I popped in one of my favorite DVDs with lots of teenage girls sucking cock. Looking around the room I thought everything was ready but then decided to open my window a crack so sound could reach outside. I didn't turn up the volume too loud but I thought I could turn it up if necessary to get Jan's attention while she was near the window. I started the video camera and moved to the wall next to the window. I have a nightstand on one side of the bed and a recliner on the other side. I stood next to the nightstand and hugged the wall. There was just a slight gap on the side of the curtains which ...