1. The Pictures

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Griffin-slut-boy, Source: sexstories.com

    it was the full frontal exposure. On either side were the seductive hips and thighs of the fantastic bodies of Jenn and Jill, an inch of the dark slit of their sex just visible in the shadows cast by their upper thighs. My package on the other hand, was boldly exposed, dominating the picture, the eye drawn to it immediately. “Wow. Where do you propose we hang this one?” Kate said, “Well, if it were in my apartment, it would be in the living room, on the opposite wall of the butt picture.” Jenn shook her head. “It’s beautiful, but I think over our headboard in the bedroom would be more appropriate, don’t you, Ted?” “No offense, Kate, but I’d prefer we hang it sideways, in the broom closet.” They all laughed. I gave Kate a hug, and thanked her, as did Jenn. “And Jill, I didn’t forget you.” Mollie produced a smaller version of the pics in frames that we received, about eighteen by ten inches. “Sweet! Now I can’t wait to move out and hang them!” We laughed. Jill still lived with her parents. Jenn said, “Hey, guys, let’s not tell anyone who’s butts and fronts these are. We’ll only say we got them from Kate, okay?” “And if they guess?” I asked. Surely, Janet, Jenn’s sister would recognize her sister’s butt as well as mine. She’d seen me naked lots of ...
    times, in the short time I’d known her. Jenn shrugged. “Then we make them promise not to tell anyone. It’ll be sexy, having our nude bodies on display at parties and dinners, with the guests not knowing it’s us they’re admiring.” I saw the logic in that, and I liked the idea. Jill gave Kate a long hug and a kiss on the lips. She did the same for Molly, who eagerly accepted the hug and kiss. My suspicions might be correct, maybe they were lesbians. Jill might be in for some new action. I imagined three women going at it, with dildos and oral sex. I grew hard thinking of it. Kate and Molly left. With Jenn and Jill holding the pictures, I tapped a nail into the wall and we hung both of them. I stood back admiring Jill and Jenn’s butt. “You two have the cutest, sexiest butts I’ve ever seen. I kid you not.” “Yours is pretty cute too, Ted,” Jill said. “Notice the differences between the two sexes. Kate captured them perfectly in the photo.” “The differences in the sexes is pretty evident in the picture in the bedroom, that’s for sure,” giggled Jenn. “Yeah, smarty, I can’t wait for your mom and dad to see it.” Jill laughed. “Shit, I’ll have to take it down when they’re here. But not the butts pic. That stays.” “Fine with me,” I said, kissing Jenn longingly.