1. The Pictures

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Griffin-slut-boy, Source: sexstories.com

    Molly was her name, and she let us in. “Kate,” she called out. “Neighbors of yours are here.” Kate came out of the spare bedroom. “Hi, Jenn.” Jenn did the introductions again, calling me her fiancé. I liked that. “I hate to bother you on a Sunday afternoon, but we could use your help. This is about the incident Friday night. Ted was the one you saw being dragged away to the cop cars.” “Yeah, Jeeze, that was awful. I felt so bad for you. I didn’t know the cops were allowed to do stuff like that.” “It got worse. Much worse.” Jenn described the beating he took, and the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the police department.” “If you don’t mind me asking, what was all that about?” I explained, “They thought I had something to do with busting up that S&M gang at that house. You know, the one in the papers?” “Really? Well, if you did, I want to shake your hand,” and she did. “So let me guess. You want pictures to document the abuse.” “Would it be too much to ask on a Sunday?” Jenn asked. “Don’t be silly. I’d be happy to.” How much would you charge us?” I asked. “Tell you what. Let me do the photos. I got something in the works, and if you agree to it, I’ll do the photos free. And I just bought a new digital camera, and I can try it out on you. This way.” That didn’t exactly answer my question, but the five of us went into the spare bedroom anyway. It was set up as a photography studio. It reminded me of my last day dating Jill, who had us go to a photography studio for some ... x-rated photos. I never did see them. I wonder if Jill ever picked them up or got her money back. Her fee then was $500.00. “Okay, now,” Kate said. “How much clothing does Ted have to remove.” “Jenn said, “All of it. If that’s okay.” “Ooookay. Ted, whenever you are ready. Stand on those yellow footprints there on the floor when you’re done stripping.” Kate fiddled with her new camera, checking the settings. The other three women just stood there. Mollie said, “Should I leave?” Jenn thought about it. “No. The more witnesses we have on the stand, the better. Ted, time to strip baby.” I removed my shirt, grimacing at the pain in my cracked back ribs. I turned my back to them. “Holy crap!” Kate and Molly said at the same time. Kate exclaimed, “Look at those bruises. Shit.” Large and deep blackish purple bruises covered my back. Wearing my loose lounge wear pants, I undid the tie and they fell to the ground. I couldn’t wear underwear; too painful. I kicked the pants away. I stood there naked, feeling the four sets of eyes examining my ass. Jenn came over and pointed out the bruises. “These here on his ribcage resulted from a punch that cracked several ribs. The ones lower in the small of his back were punches directed at his kidneys. The bruising doesn’t extend to his butt, thank god. But lower on the back, side, and front of his legs, you will see more nasty bruises where we think he kicked Ted after he passed out, as he doesn’t remember getting hit there. Turn around, Ted. This ...