1. The Pictures

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Griffin-slut-boy, Source: sexstories.com

    bruise on his stomach is the initial sucker punch.” Kate said, “Wow. I’ve never seen anything so brutal before. Okay, I’ll take several full backside photos in color, some close ups of the bruises, then repeat that on his side, front, and other side.” Jill said, “Can I pay for the duplicates?” “Jill!” Jenn admonished with a smile. Mollie and Kate laughed. I was glad they were having such a good time at my expense. Kate rapid fired the camera and checked the lighting as she reviewed the pics. “Okay, Ted, turn sideways.” I did, and turned around for my other side to be photographed. Then I faced forward. With all the sex Jenn and I had done during the day, I wasn’t hard, not even a stirring. Kate took more pics than I thought necessary of my front. I wondered if she was sneaking in some close-ups of my cock and balls. “Okay, I think I got it.” She transferred the pics to her computer and we all looked at the large monitor as Kate clicked through the photos and cataloged them. Kate said, “Tell you what. If you let me publish a few photos of the three of you, the pics are all free, and you can have copies of them.” “What kind of photos?” Jenn asked suspiciously. “There’s a photography book being readied for publishing, a compilation of black and white and some color photos, of tastefully posed erotic photos. I have several entries being considered already, and this might make a great addition. I’d have to play with the lighting for a while as I take pics, but it shouldn’t take ... longer than a half hour or forty five minutes. How about it?” Jenn said, “You said ‘might’ make a good addition to the book.” “Well, Ted’s butt is perfect for this type of photo art, and if your two butts look good, I have a good chance of getting the photos in the book. So, ladies, how about it?” I asked, “Well, how much do you normally charge for the photos you took of me?” “Normal, everyday pics of babies, family shots, etc, are $250/session plus cost of printing them. But for nude photos, like Ted’s, which by the way I don’t advertise, I charge double.” “Yikes,” I said. “Well, ladies, it’s up to you to decide.” Jenn and Jill discussed it in whispers for a few seconds. “Okay, but may we have the option of looking at the photos before you send them off to be published?” “Absolutely. We’ll look at them together, and after I decide, I’ll show you the ones I want to send in.” Jenn and Jill removed their clothing under the close eye of Molly and Kate. Jenn suspected they were gay; she’d never seen Kate with a man. “We’ll start with the black and white photos. Okay, Jill, stand on Ted’s left, Jenn, on the right with your backsides to the camera. Molly, would you get the makeup please. Looks like Jill has been a little kinky with the whip lately." Molly returned, and began rubbing on makeup all over Jill's butt. She patted a little pancake makeup on also. She inspected her work. "Good to go." "Okay, ladies, gent. Both legs straight and feet together. Good. Hold still now.” The ...