1. The Pictures

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Griffin-slut-boy, Source: sexstories.com

    ladies did as directed. Jill was shorter than Jenn, and I was taller than the two women. So I figured, we had a low, high and middle butt pic. I heard the camera click rapidly. “Okay, I want to try something. I want all three butts on a level playing field so to speak. Molly, get those 2x4’s and plywood. Jill, you stand on those, let’s see, perfect height. Jenn, just two layers of plywood for you should do it. Okay, perfect. Hold still now.” She clicked several more photos in rapid succession. “Okay, now, all three of you put your weight on your left straight leg, and let your right knee bend, relaxed. It puts your left butt cheek in the full position, and the right butt cheek elongated. Okay, hold it.” More clicks. We did it again with the other leg straight. “Okay, we’re going to do three more sets, the same way, but I’m changing the lighting.” She directed one lone lamp sideways to our bodies and turned off the other lamps. Now our butts were in stark relief, with bright areas on our buns and dark shadows in the butt crack area. “Awesome. Now, bend the right knee.” And so forth. She tried a third lighting and we repeated the stances. “Okay, that’s a wrap. But if you’re willing, I’d like to try a frontal shot. How about it? I shrugged, Jill readily agreed, but Jenn had doubts, asking, “Is this going to be in the book?” “I’ll let you know if I decide to send it in. Remember, your names won’t be listed. To anyone looking at the pictures, you’re just so much meat.” Jenn ... relented, but again said she wanted to see the pics first. “Of course,” she said. We turned around, out privates exposed. Of course, the ladies, with legs closed, only the top part of their labia showed, a tiny slit of exposure. I, on the other hand, was greatly exposed. Kate said, “Um, Ted, um, we need you to fluff it up a little.” I looked quizzically at Kate. “Sorry, but to be blunt, I want your penis bigger, but not erect or even semi-erect.” I’d heard this before at the other studio, and Jill and I knew how it worked best. “Jill?” Jill played with my cock head and I grew until I had a hard-on, it sticking up in the air obscenely. Kate was about to say something, but I held up a finger to be silent. Mollie was looking intently at my unit. Jill let me go, and after a few minutes, my cock shrank. “Get ready, Kate,” I said. “That’s awesome, right there.” My cock was bloated as it shrank, still emptying its blood, but it hung straight down. The camera clicked rapidly and she changed the lighting just as rapidly with a remote control device. More clicks as I was still big. “All right, that’s a wrap. You all can get dressed now.” When we were dressed, we hunched over the largest computer monitor I’d ever seen. Our pics came up in stark relief. The first set was of my bruises, in living color. When the black and whites of our butts came on, I could see how artistic Kate was. They were awesome pics of awesome butts. Our thighs were touching. When the front exposures came up, I ...