1. First time cocksucking

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Author: Cm4me2, Source: xHamster

    This happened about a month after my 18th bd. I had been mowing the lawn for this mature voluptuous lady. She lived at a house with a lot of privacy. 1day she comes outside to sun bathe nude. Lucky I didn't cut off my foot. She had huge breasts with large areola and thick long nips. She called me over to put lotion on her.I came in my shorts asap. She had me take off my clothing. I was small about 5' 2&#034. She said that I'd make an excellent cocksucker. I blushed because I'd thought about that. She later would begin her tutorial on deepthroating. She had me stop by every weekday. Her hubby was only home on weekends. She let me cum on her huge titties and lick up every drop. She set an alarm clock and every hour I got to jack off on her. She began my training using 12 in hotdogs. After a few rough times she brought out sausages. She was both fun and demanding. To see her tits I'd do anything. She arranged a trip to a city about an hour away. Told me that if I pleased her I could suck her pussy. She drove her Cadillac and had me playing with her massive name. I was getting nervous because the reason we were going was for me to suck my first cock. Arriving we park and go into an upstairs office. She introduces me to my job for the day. She then asked him where were the others. 3 more guys entered as they were talking. She said he'd promised 10, get on the phone! I am sweating like crazy. He and another guy make calls and say that 2 or 3 might make it. He takes a cushion off ... the couch and tells me to undress. Looking at Mrs. W I received a nod.I was shaking a lot. She came over took my hand and introduced me as CUMSLUT Jay. She told them to make sure I ate every drop of CUM. She led me over to the cushion and told to get on my knees------i love that phrase. The first guy was the she had spoken to, and he pulled off his pants. As he walked over his cock and balls were all I saw. They bounced some and I knew I wanted to suck all their cocks. He stopped an inch away. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, then kissed each of his low slung balls. Mmmm. I took his cockhead into my mouth and felt it start to grow. I looked up and said nice cock. It grew to about 6/7 thick inches. I was able to take his cock down to the balls. Just as I was bobbing up and down, he started to cum. Many years later, my favorite thing is feeling a cock explode cum into my mouth. He shot a lot I had to swallow twice. The only time I got that big of a load that day so long ago. As I was sucking the next guy, I heard the door and was told to keep working. This dong was a little longer and curved downward. Not quite as thick it slid right down. He came quickly. Next guy just pulled his click out and came just as I took his cock into my mouth. Mmm. When I thought the last guy walked over, I saw 2 more men in the room. Oh boy. This man called me header and slapped my face with his cock . I was surprised and excited. He fucked his cock pretty big much thicker than the ...