1. Mother in Law Wanted Some Loving

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: nckboy, Source: xHamster

    We were at a f@mily wedding on the wife’s side at a hotel in Bowness on Windermere in the lakes district. The wedding and reception had taking place and it was now the night do. Earlier in the day I had got to see my mother in laws full bush when out in a boat on the lake, when she needed to go. It was well after ten at night now and we have been at this wedding more than twelve hours with drink flowing for at least ten of them. I danced with Susan the mother in law thinking about her lilac suspenders and knickers, dancing close sometimes and rubbing myself against her. We got back to our table when the wife said she had a migraine coming on and was going to go up to our room to lie down. Susan her mother went up with her and returned twenty minutes later with more drinks. “I don’t think your plans are going to work with Bill” I said to Susan “Waste of time trying” Susan said, she had specially put on stocking and suspenders for her husband Bill but he looked way past being able to do anything. We watched Bill and other men at the bar and I could see the hurt in Susan’s eyes, she really had tried to encourage him. “Do you want to go outside” I asked She nodded and we took our drinks out on to the lawn over looking the lake “That’s him for the night” Susan said “No good for nothing and it looks like you are going without as well tonight” “Just one of those things” I said We sat close together looking at the moonlit lake for a few minutes “Do you think I’m attractive” Susan ... asked “Very attractive” I said and put my arm around her and she cuddled in to me “Did you mean what you said in the boat, you would willing have sex with me?” “Yes I meant it, one hundred percent, you are very sexy” “Thank” Susan said “Your don’t know how much that means to me” We sat for another ten minutes “Do you want to go for a walk” Susan asked “Yes, can do” The place was still a hive of activity on a warm summers night, couples walking hand in hand, groups heading back to their boats after a meal out, others heading back to the caravan site and we mingled in well with them by holding hands together. We walked along the lake front and it was very romantic with the moonlight and along by the boat yards to the end of the road. We carried on along the footpath that followed the shore through a field and sat on a bench looking at the lake where there were less people. “I think I need to go again” Susan said and stood up and went behind the bench to squat down “You like flashing your full bush in public, don’t you?” I teased “Sometimes” Susan said as I heard the hiss of her pee come squirting out ”Do you not want to see it again?” I turned around on the bench and looked down on Susan squatting, with her stocking clad legs wide apart and holding her knickers to one side of her full bush. She just grinned at me “At least some man has got to see my new lingerie tonight” “It’s very nice, is your bra the same” “All the same” she said as she stood up with her pussy only inches away ...