1. Mother in Law Wanted Some Loving

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: nckboy, Source: xHamster

    met, “We’re not really doing anything wrong” Susan said “We’re only looking and touching, it not like were are having sex. With that I unloosened my belt, button and zip, sat back and pulled my boxers down over my cock with it springing skywards as it was realised.. “My daughters is very lucky” Susan said as her fingers wrapped around my shaft We heard voices again and I closed my jacket over Susan’s hand, we were both in a state of undress, oblivious to any onlooker passing. I could feel her pushing and pulling my foreskin over my bulbous cock end under my jacket as people past then her thumb started to massage my pre cum in to the red swollen end, Susan certainly knew what she was doing. “Does she take it in her mouth” Susan asked “Ye” was all I could say Susan opened my jacket and dipped her head towards my groin then took me inside her mouth. I felt ready to pop as she worked her tongue around my end and her hand massaging my balls. I pushed my hand down between us and felt her tit hanging from it cup and started to rub her nipple. Her lips tightened around my shaft as she started to slide up and down on me. I pushed my hand further down between us and on to the top of her leg, working my fingers up her inner thigh through her dress. I came to her pussy and I could feel the bulge sticking outwards as she lent forward, everything she had was squashed in between her legs and the seat. Her lips were prominent and it was easy to push her knickers in to her crack. “Susan, ... you better go careful” I whispered as she found a new spurt of sucking. She lifted up off me smiling “Do you give oral to Sandra?” she asked “Yes” “Bill won’t go down on me” “What! but your pussy is beautiful” “Not to him” she said “Come with me” I said We buttoned ourselves back up and Susan held the waist of her dress to stop it falling and went back along the path to the little wooded bit. On the top side there is a little mound and some big boulders on top, totally out of view of any passing eyes. I hoisted Susan on to one of the boulders, a bit like a table top height and pushed her dress up under her jacket, I then put my fingers in the top of her knickers and pulled them down her stocking clad legs. She leant back on to her hands and I raised each leg and parted them, her pale skin was easy seem in the moonlight and then there was her dark bush protruding from her body. I kissed her stocking legs, working up and around her lacy stocking tops and pulled on the front suspenders. I could hear and feel Susan body as she waited in anticipation for me to reach her pussy. I kissed up her naked legs, flicking my tongue across her lips as I swapped sides, then licked up her slit to find her warm and wet already. Her body heaved with her breathing as I dipped my tongue between her lips and she let out a long moan. I did it again, but this time included her clit with the flick of my tongue. I could feel Susan trying to part her legs even more and opening her willing cunt up to my ...