1. Mother in Law Wanted Some Loving

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: nckboy, Source: xHamster

    tongue. I attached my mouth to her hairy pussy and started to suck on her fat lips while darting my tongue around her insides for a good few minutes, she tasted sweet already as I licked her pussy walls. I came up for air and kissed my way over her bush and on to her suspender belt, I could see Susan looking down at me all excitedly. I went back down on her but this time sucking her clit between my lips before flicking my tongue over and around it. This made Susan pant and I fetched my fingers in to her wanting pussy, slowly and teasingly finger fucking her at first before fetching her to an orgasm with sucking on her clit. Her legs nipped shut against me and I could feel her pussy muscles pulsing around my fingers as it became warmer and wetter inside her. I let her clit slip from my lips and stopped down there, taking in the bizarre place I find myself, that is between my mother in law’s legs after fetching her off. Susan relaxed her legs and I lifted from between them to see the look on her face of a big broad smile. I stood up, still between her legs and took in the sight of her in the moon light, legs raised and parted, dress around her waist and her jacket open with one tit in and one tit out of her lacy bra. I retched out and touched her exposed tit, then Susan pulled the bra off the other one “You have beautiful breasts” I said as I took hold of them in both hands, bent down and kissed each nipple. “I keep having to get bigger bras” Susan said “36E now” “Wow” was ... all I said before sucking the lovely mounds in to my mouth again I lifted off her breasts and moved over her bunched up dress that was just beneath and kissed her suspender belt, working my way back down to her stockings. Susan just moaned softly in appreciation to the soft kisses I placed on her body. I moved on to her pussy, kissing around her triangle then on to her lips and stuck my tongue in to her honey pot. Susan tensed slightly then I heard heavy breathing “Arrrr not again” Susan moaned but this time there was a hand on my head pushing me in to her. “Arrrrrrrrrr Yeessssssssssssssssss” Her fanny started to lift up in to my face and she started to pant “Yeeeeesssssss, Ar Yesssssssssssss” My tongue inside was enough as she pulled me hard against her pussy when she can again, “I can’t believe you just did that to me again” Susan panted after letting me up from between her legs. “Do you want to stick it in me” Susan asked “But it’s only this one time” “Are you sure” I asked Susan nodded as she rested back on her arms again and stuck out her chest. I undid my trousers and they dropped to around my ankles and then slipped my boxers down far enough to exposed my raging hard on, it looked mighty big and hard in the moonlight. I moved forward so my cock was at her entrance “Are you sure” I asked “You can’t stop now” she said I nudged it between her lips, slipping it up and down with my hand a few times to tease her. I found her love hole and push, Susan gasped as half my length ...