1. FUCK MY GILFRIEND I Can Get you to Her ¡¡¡¡ She´s

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: cogelon777, Source: xHamster

    Heres what we gonna do, just to get your cock all juiced up and veiny; She is in Paris France Right now working and making her Final School project; I know where she works and where she is studying. not her schedule but if you wait outside for her you will see her there, she´s usually alone or might be with a girl friend doing the internship with her; You could hire a couple of hood guys to wait for her outside of these places and when the time is right get her quick in to the back of a van, i Would only as that you take video from the moment you get her in the van....you could be there with them or they can meet you at some outskirts house you find available...There she will be at your disposal and you can use her at will if those guys want in that im sure they will .. just take video of everything.... Or .... you Could fly there and ill give you All her data and where to find her , meet her outside her internship place of outside her school and aproach her telling her you saw her at the &#034name of the school&#034 i will give you full details on wich conference and &#034where you seen her&#034 and themes to talk to her about what she´s been doing ,i know it all. Theres also a big event coming where you could aproach her just like this .. i will give you the themes that interest her and exactly the projects shes been working on so you can butter her up as well as some personal preferences of her so she thinks you have Chemistry and goes all OMG i cant believe we´re so ... Alike ¡ :O and magically match .just then you could ask her right out... it would be after work or school hours and she likes goign out so she will probably say yes ,you can ask her to dinner at a fancy Restaurant ¡ you would have her in your pocket with that ¡ or a Bar . she loves drinking....ill tell you what she preffers to drink too. or to watch a movie ¡ if you take her to dinner Red wine will do, when she goes to the toilet after eating, and drinking too much, you pop an acid on her drink, wich you previously got. she usually asks for water after eating or you could put it in her cofee waiting for her when she comes back .itll be dark allready outside. she will feel Very d***k and Suddently very Horny .... and a lot of Heat in her tight now wet Pussy so you can keep talking . ill tell you more stuff she likes so you can say you like that too and she will be all yours... i suggest you then get out and call a cab and when you get in you start groping her . she will get horny as fuck ¡ she hasnt been with a man for a loong time now ... and with the acid kickin in and you both groping frantically you tell the cab man to drive you to your hotel while you keep kissing her passionately . she will want to fuck you on the spot ¡ you get to the hotel and go up your room and start rolling video as soon as you come trough the door please ¡ you will need your camera and memory cards and batterys at least 2 of each . some acid for yourself viagra pills if youre so inclined .... and a ...