1. Street Lights - 2

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Gay, Teen, Teen, Author: SJV2012, Source: sexstories.com

    I'm wondering aimlessly down the hall with my messenger bag hanging off my left shoulder. I'd go look for Brad, but that's a lot of work. I'll see him later in study hall. Maybe. I might hit him up on BBM. I mean, it was just a blow job! If you put a pack of meat in front of a dog, I'm pretty sure he'll eat it, so by that logic he offered me a cock and I swallowed it! Big deal. I guess. Doesn't matter. While I was lost in my own thoughts making my way to the next stair case going back to the main building to get to my locker, I run into Bobby Mac creeping out of the boy's bathroom. He's pale, but it's a good pale. Have you ever seen the Faculty?? His sister looks just like the girl that turned out to be the alien and he looks like the boy version. Accent and all. It's kind of hot actually, but keep that on the down low! ;D “Hey Bobby Mac, almost didn't see you there broskii!” He smiles and starts walking with me. I guess he's ditching too. Great minds think alike! “Link, you smell like balls. You been whoring around?” He's joking, right? No fooling this guy. “Yeah, something like that. Going to my locker now to grab another shirt and some spray for PE.” I wink at him. “Hoe. Too bad it wasn't me, dammit Link..” We both laugh and hit the stairs and onward to my locker before he goes back to class. Lame! Oh well, the bell rings in a few minutes. I drop the keys off at the front desk before I head to PE next, which flies by quickly. Then I have history with Bobby Mac and Stacy. ... We all sit with each other which is pretty good for me since the class is a snooze fest. My last class is a study hall with Stacy and Brad. This is where things get interesting. I walk to the back of the class with Stacy and pull out some material from history to go over since there's a test in a few weeks. Then here comes Brad, looking like he had been hit by the city bus, coming directly at me. His eyes were red, he was pink, and.. well. I guess the dude was pissed. He gets right next to me and kneels down. This isn't good. He whispers to the both of us, “We need to talk. Stacy, can I steal Link for a moment?” She shrugs, never looking up from her study guide. I get up and follow him back to the front of the class and out to the hall. He starts it off. “Link, bro. What the fuck.” What the fuck, indeed good sir. “Huh.. You okay?” I try to look him in the eyes. “You played me. I'm not queer..” Really now? “I didn't ask for a blow job. I thought we were cool? What's with 'queer'” I make air quotes. “Nothing.. look. I just... That kind of shit can't happen.” “What shit? Me sucking your cock? Okay. That's fair.” I just wanted this to be over already. He looks around before going back inside, leaving me standing up against the wall looking a bit on the offended side. I go back in and walk right by him without making eye contact and slide in the desk by Stacy. Stacy looks up and smirks before she says anything. “Issues with the boyfriend?” I look at her and cock an eyebrow. “Bitch ...