1. The Island, Chapter 8

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Lactation, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Voyeur, Author: Paperbackwriter, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 8 The dawn was just cracking open the eastern sky when I woke. I’ve always been an early riser, and years of residency only reinforced that tendency. I carefully disentangled myself from Janie’s embrace, and sat back, admiring her sleeping form. My eyes traced the gentle curve of a breast as it met with her ribs. Her taut abs rose and fell with each gentle snore. The thick strip of brown fur on her mound still had dried cum in it from last night, and I smiled as I envisioned her scrubbing it off while preparing for Christopher’s sexual awakening. “You can thank me later, kid,” I murmured to myself as I stretched my naked body in the sun. After picking out a clean set of clothes for the day, I pulled a stick of deodorant, a bar of soap, and a towel from my suitcase, which I had parked at Janie’s “house” for the duration. Might as well hang on to the trappings of civilization as long as they held out, I thought. I considered a razor as well, but figured I had a good start on a beard after 4 days and that I would grow it out for now. Before leaving, I covered Janie with a towel so other early risers wouldn’t get an eyeful. Scouting the beach, I confirmed everyone was still sleeping, then sprinted naked to the water near the south end of the lagoon. I dropped my gear above the waterline, then dove cleanly into the azure waves. Swimming the length of the lagoon, I turned and swam back to my clothes. I climbed out of the water feeling much more awake, and grabbed my ... stuff, climbing over the rocks toward the stream. I strolled nude to the stream, then followed its course into the jungle. After a few feet I came to a small pool, and set my things down on the bank. I rinsed the salt off my body, then scrubbed myself down with soap. The fresh water was much cooler than the ocean, and felt good on my slightly sunburned skin as I sluiced off the lather. I toweled off, then dressed in fresh, clean clothes, feeling mighty fine. Figuring I had a few minutes until my breakfast date with Gabrielle, I decided to follow the creek upstream and see how far it was to what I thought of as Joelle’s pool. As I walked, I contemplated the issue of Gabrielle. As much as I loved suckling on her milky tits, I wasn’t sure I could commit to it every morning for however long we stayed here. I had just come up with what I thought was a brilliant solution when I heard singing. Peering through the foliage, I realized I had reached the larger pool I was looking for, just a few hundred yards from the smaller one I had bathed in. The singing was in a language I was not familiar with, and I put down my towel and toiletries in order to creep forward undetected. My breath escaped in a soft sigh as I caught sight of the singer: I may have discovered the 8th wonder of the world , I thought. Spotlighted by a shaft of sunlight penetrating the dense jungle canopy stood a lovely young woman, just beginning to undress for her own morning bath. She must have awoken just after me, I ...