1. The Island, Chapter 8

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Lactation, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Voyeur, Author: Paperbackwriter, Source: sexstories.com

    thought, and figured everyone else was asleep, so might as well have a little me time. I silently crept down the game trail that ran along the stream, carefully picking my way closer until I knelt down behind a flowering bush not 10 feet from the girl. Now that I was nearer, I recognized Yasmine, one of the cheerleaders. She had removed her blouse, folded it neatly, and placed it on top of her sandals on the rocks adjacent to the water. She was a stunning beauty of perhaps 16 years old, with café-au-lait skin, rich dark curls of hair, now pinned up on top of her head, and entrancing, almond shaped eyes set in a face that would test a monk’s vows. As I watched, she slid her shorts off her long, coltish legs and stood there in a lavender bra and panty set that complemented her tan body, folding the garment and placing it with the rest of her clothes. I have always had a weakness for women in an unguarded moment. They seemed much more natural and carefree when no one was watching. So much the better if they are naked, too! I guess this made me a full-on voyeur, but a man has to accept his nature. My young lovely was singing to herself in what sounded like a Middle-Eastern language. I wasn’t sure what country she hailed from, so I didn’t know if it was Arabic, Farsi, Turkish or some other dialect entirely. I didn’t care. She had such a sweet voice she could have been signing in Klingon for all it mattered. My mouth was dry as I watched her reach behind her back to unhook her ... bra. Thank you God, if you’re up there, for this gift , I thought reverently. I suspected I would remember this for the rest of my life. Her slender shoulders dipped as the lacy, purple scrap of fabric slid off her chest, revealing succulent teenage breasts perched high on her chest. Her faint tan lines accentuated the dark brown cones of her nipples, which made perfect secondary mounds on the tips of her firm tits, pointing jauntily upward. They jiggled slightly as she placed her bra on top of the rest of her clothing and reached for the waistband of her panties. Oh sweet Jesus, here it comes , I thought. The moment of truth . My heart was pounding so hard it was a wonder she couldn’t hear it. Down went the panties, and my breath stopped in my chest. As she carefully placed them on the pile, I feasted my eyes on her naked body. Her flat stomach flared into nice, womanly hips without an ounce of excess fat. She had trimmed her dark pubic hair into a little heart, below which her light brown labia were waxed clean. A thin strip of dark meat peeped out of the delicate gash in her mons. I see naked women every day in my job, and yet an attractive woman’s body still makes me weak in the knees. A body of this caliber comes along only rarely, however, and I was dumbstruck by her beauty. I almost cried when she turned her back to me, stepping into the water, but was saved from despair by the sight of her gorgeous ass, an inverted heart shape of perfect proportions, just a few shades ...