1. The Island, Chapter 8

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Lactation, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Voyeur, Author: Paperbackwriter, Source: sexstories.com

    her hair into a long rope, wringing out the excess water, and climbed out of the pool to begin toweling off. She rubbed her hair with the towel, drying the thick mane as best she could, then worked her way down that sweet chest and belly, and finally fluff-drying her pubes and buffing her tan twat to a shine. Her last gift to me was to bend over and dry her legs, winking at me with the tight, brown ring of her anus. This sublime show, so much more erotic than any porn, was brought to an abrupt end by a distant female voice calling my name from the beach. I stopped jerking my johnson, my heart in my throat, as Yasmine quickly dressed and ran back towards camp. Goodbye, my little angel! I thought sadly. I will never forget you! Pulling on my shorts over my boner and picking up my crap, I trudged down the stream toward the ocean, and Gabrielle. Cheer up! I thought to myself. Now you get to suck milk out of a sexy Frenchwoman’s succulent tits! My dick began throbbing even harder as I wondered what treat maman had in store for me. Gabrielle was sitting at the edge of the stream, dipping her feet in the water as I emerged from the jungle. She stood languidly and said, ”Ah, Dave! Vous y etes! I thought perhaps you had forgotten me.” I caught her eyes flickering down to glance at the obvious bulge in my pants as she strolled over to meet me, giving me a kiss on the lips that lingered for just a moment. “It would be very hard to forget you, Gabrielle,” I said with a smile. She ... returned the smile and sat down. “ Alors. Shall we begin?” At my nod she shucked of her blouse. For convenience’s sake she had forgone the bra today, and her heavy breasts swayed gently as she folded her top and set it aside. Drops of milk were already forming at the tips of her protruding nipples, and my mouth began watering. After the glorious site of Yasmine’s tight teen body, my passions were inflamed beyond reason, and I was ready for some stimulation. I reclined with my head in her lap, and watched in fevered anticipation as that swollen, milky mammary descended toward my open mouth. As revved up as I was, I attacked her tits this morning with a little more gusto than yesterday, pulling hard on the nipples and sometimes gently using my teeth. I hoovered a moist mouthful of lactating love into my mouth so hard her nipple brushed the back of my throat as warm, sweet jets of milk sprayed on my tonsils. My aggressive attention to her boobs seemed to be affecting Gabrielle more than yesterday as well, as she was squirming and gasping as I pulled on her succulent spigots. As I finished the right side and shifted position to begin on the left, I was sure I could smell the sweet fragrance her aroused pussy wafting up from between her shapely legs. “Ah, oui!” she moaned as her left nipple began emptying its contents into me. “C’est bon! C’est tres bon!” Oh, it’s very fucking bon , I thought. I was so horny I could have fucked a goat at this point. One of her hands was now in my hair, ...