1. The Island, Chapter 8

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    not just pleasure.” “And who is this person?” she inquired. “We have a patient who was injured in the crash and who nearly drowned. I was told he lost his sister during the night, and it seems the trauma was so great he has withdrawn into himself and won’t wake up. Joelle and I have concerns that we won’t be able to maintain his nutrition with the little bit of water and coconut milk we dribble down his throat. It occurred to me you might be able to literally nurse him back to health.” “It would be my honor to help this man,” Gabrielle said. “I became une nourrice to sustain life. It is fondamental to who I am. If I can provide nourishment and help him recover it would be tres satisfaisant .” She made a little moue of distress. “But does this mean we cannot continue to meet like this occasionalement ? I very much would like to continue.” “I think that can be arranged,” I said with a smile. “I love being with you. I’ll talk to Joelle and figure out what would be the best time of day for you to nurse Dkembe. And when you need a little extra milking, I think I can help out.” To be continued....