1. Star Trek: TNG Crusher's Mistaken Memories

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Hardcore, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    &#034Beverly that dinner was delightful!&#034 &#034Thank you Jean-Luc, may I interest you in desert...?&#034 Her words hung in the air. Captain Jean-Luc Picard picked up the remains of his wine and blushed slightly. He had known Chief Medical Officer Dr Beverly Crusher for many years now, having set her up with her husband Jack, who died serving Starfleet just over 15 years previously. There had always been chemistry between them but apart from the odd d***ken kiss he had never acted upon it. He knew Beverly would jump at the chance to do more but he didn't believe it was appropriate for a Starfleet Captain to fraternise with their crew. He looked at Beverly as he finished his wine. She was in her casual clothes, black tight leggings and a long top with a cowl neck that seemed to come down her front and rest just so it showed her voluptuous cleavage but nothing more, although as she d***k her wine she would often lean forward and he could see the start of where her breasts began. Part of him wanted to kiss her so much, to get his hands on her bare breasts, to run his fingers over her far-too-tight leggings and to tease that pussy that he'd often lay awake and relieved himself thinking about. However those fleeting erotic thoughts left him and he made his excuses. He would need to be on the bridge in 6 hours and had reports coming out of his ears, the usual stuff. Once Jean-Luc had left, Beverly sat back and sighed. It had been far too long since she'd had someone to please ... her. Someone to kiss her. Someone to fuck her. The closest thing to interest from a man she'd had was her son Wesley 'accidentally' walking in the bathroom while she was in the shower or 'accidentally' catching her while she was undressing. That happened a lot less now he had separate quarters next door with an inter-connecting door that had to be unlocked from both sides. She quickly put the dishes in the waste reclimator, turned off the lights and took the remaining half glass of wine she had left to bed. She slipped off her leggings and top. She knew it had been naughty to wear no underwear and that she could tease Jean-Luc with her tits hanging in her top and her pussy lips pressed against the front of her leggings, although the only thing this seemed to do was tease herself. She looked at herself naked in the mirror. She knew she was in great shape. She was 45 and a mum-of-one but thanks to a lot of yoga with Deanna Troi, 24th century moisturisers and a couple of hypo sprays every year to tighten the skin above her 34dd breasts, her body remained firm and her breasts held up gloriously if she thought so herself. Smooth all over except a small amount of red hair trimmed above her pussy, she wondered what else she could do. She certainly noticed Jean-Luc's eyes drawn to them, albeit briefly, and she knew her 18 year old son next door would gladly put off his studies for a quick look. Wesley was probably asl**p now anyway. It was late. Beverly hadn't been sl**ping that well, ...