1. Star Trek: TNG Crusher's Mistaken Memories

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Hardcore, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    a mixture of work and too many mixed-up thoughts flying around her head. How could she get the Captain to just give in and fuck her? Did she still feel guilty about her feelings for her dead-husband's friend? What would she do about Wesley if he kept trying to sneek looks at his mother's body? Beverly tried to clear her head as she finished the last dregs of her wine and lay nude underneath the silk sheet in her bed. She tried to sl**p but her mind kept wandering, as did her fingers. She ran the tips of the fingers of her left hand over her breasts, tracing circles over them, then moving them to tease her nipples, pinching them one after the other. Her right hand went further down her body and soon found her wet pussy. She quickly slid a finger inside and then slowly removed it. She then placed the finger in her mouth. She had always loved the taste, although apart from a spell back at Starfleet Academy and one night on the holodeck with Jack a year after they married, she hadn't tasted any other women but she did enjoy the taste of herself. She thought back to the holodeck that night 19yrs ago. She had been the one to suggest the programme, an Asian inspired bar back on Earth with a sensual Thai 20yr old behind the bar. They ate at a table for 2 in the corner of the bar and drank as the holographic patrons came and went. Beverly and Jack kissed more and more passionately, and the last patrons left the attractive holographic bar person came over to them. She had flowing black ... hair that came down around her 30c small and nubile breasts that were obvious in the red tight Thai-style dress she was wearing with ornate gold patterns. It went around her neck, coming down to cling against her small tits at the top and the bottom came down just above the mid-point of her supple thighs. Her legs perfectly smooth and bare, leading to equally bare feet. She had big sensual brown eyes that lit up as she smiled and just a light amount of make up on her pretty face. &#034Can I help you two at all?&#034 She lifted the bottom of her fitted dress slightly, so it must have been just below her small but perfect bottom and the point where those supple thighs met and led to a place where any man or woman would want to explore. &#034What do you think, Jack?&#034 &#034Bev, do you mean it? Are you sure it's not just the wine talking?&#034 &#034Well I was the one who set the programme up, Happy Anniversary darling.&#034 26 yr old Beverly Crusher stood up. She was wearing a sexy slightly loose black dress with thin black straps that hung down around the mid-point of her thighs and with a top line just above her breasts and went down in-between them, giving a dramatic cleavage. She had her favourite black strappy heels on and this was coupled with black stockings that Jack knew would be connected to suspenders underneath that sexy dress. Jack stayed seated, smiling. He was a handsome Starfleet officer but wasn't in uniform tonight. Tonight he wore black trousers and a smart ...