1. Star Trek: TNG Crusher's Mistaken Memories

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Hardcore, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    striped blue shirt with the top couple of buttons undone, exposing the beginning of the hair on his toned manly chest. She went over to the holographic Thai bar girl and kissed her soft lips, running her fingers through her long black hair. &#034I think you could definitely help us. I want to give my husband an anniversary he'll never forget. Do you have a name?&#034 &#034My name is Prârthâ, it's Thai for desire.&#034 &#034It's beautiful, and perfect! I'm Beverly and this is my husband Jack.&#034 &#034It's a pleasure to meet you both. I would love to give you both a perfect anniversary. Would your husband mind if I undressed his wife?&#034 &#034I'm sure he wouldn't mind, would you darling?&#034 &#034Mmm... not at all!&#034 Jack sat back in his chair with the biggest grin on his face. Prârthâ kissed Beverly and slid the thin straps of her black dress off her shoulders. She then reached around to the zip behind, pulling it down slowly. Barely 2 meters from her watching husband, Beverly melted and submitted to this beautiful young lady as her dress fell down her body leaving her in her stockings, suspenders and black lacy knickers. Prârthâ's fingers trailed down Beverly's body and over her naked breast, standing proud for her. The Thai girl massaged the firm tits and played with Beverly's nipples, pinching them one after the other. Then she planted kisses on them as her small delicate fingers slipped down to the lacy black knickers that clung to Beverly. She ran her fingers ... over them, teasing Beverly's soaking wet pussy the other side of the thin material. Prârthâ then ran her fingers along the bottom of the knickers and began to pull the gusset of them aside and expose Beverly's pussy to the cool air. She then slipped finger into Beverly's wet pussy. It slowly came back up and Prârthâ placed it in Beverly's mouth where it was slurped and tasted greedily. 45yr old Beverly was licking her finger tasting her juices still thinking of when she did it with Prârthâ, the Thai holodeck character she created for her and Jack's anniversary. By now her other hand had reached into the bedside draw for her dildo. Made with a soft but firm material that always felt slightly moist, it was around 8in long and was soon between her legs. The silk bed cover was now just clinging on to the bottom of the bed, her legs having kicked it away and left her naked body exposed to the empty room and the dildo sliding inside her. Moans escaped her as her thoughts went back to that holodeck bar but something had changed... Beverly stood in her black stockings and suspenders in the now-empty bar as Prârthâ was now kneeling in front of her, licking over the front her damp lacy panties, teasing her. Soon she felt Prârthâ finally disconnect the stockings which stayed in place from the suspender belt which remained on and slide down her soaking wet panties as her eyes made contact with the man sitting down next to them, watching them, with a large bulge in his trousers. The man she ...