1. Star Trek: TNG Crusher's Mistaken Memories

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Hardcore, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    loved. Jean-Luc watched intently as he adjusted the clearly erect penis under his trousers. He had moved his chair slightly so the table was no longer in the way and he had a clear view of what was happening. Prârthâ guided the panties all the way down to the floor and then undid Beverly's shoes and she obligingly stepped out of them and her panties. Prârthâ then, lying on her belly it seemed, kissed the stocking covered feet, moving those kisses slowly up the stocking covered legs. She moved herself back up onto her knees in a kneeling position as the kisses slowed down further as they travelled over Beverly's thighs to the top of the stockings. Beverly closed her eyes as Prârthâ placed kisses on the top of her thighs before finally feeling her soft moist kisses on top of her pussy lips before Prârthâ's tongue slid slowly and deeply inside her pussy. Beverly opened her eyes again and saw Jean-Luc watching still but now holding his erect manhood, his trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles, his now unbuttoned shirt showing off his firm chest and abs. Beverly smiled, he must have been 8in big and it stood so proud as he stroked it. But Jack had had a thicker but smaller cock. Beverly thrust her toy deep inside her. It was Jack that had been there that night but all she could think of was Jean-Luc. Her moans were getting louder now but she didn't care. She was holding the toy with her right hand, her legs spread wide apart and her left hand grabbing her left breast... ... Beverly felt a hand on her breast as Jean-Luc had now stood next to her. He was kissing her passionately with his tongue, caressing her breasts with his hand. Prârthâ had her hands behind Beverly's thighs as she hungrily lapped up Beverly's juices and her tongue kept thrusting inside her. Beverly kissed Jean-Luc back hungrily, the kisses getting more and more wet as he held Jean-Lucs hands against her exposed breasts massaging them with him. She was moaning in-between kisses and Jean-Luc's tongue exploring her mouth as she did the same. His kisses broke away briefly to kiss her neck and she looked down and noticed Jean-Luc's cock out straight, then she made eye contact with Prârthâ before going back to Jean-Luc's kisses. Prârthâ understood what Beverly wanted, and her left hand went to Jean-Luc's firm cock and began to stroke it softly as she continued to taste Beverly. After a few more strokes she moved a little on her knees to face his manhood and began to suck slowly but deeply on Jean-Luc's cock, holding it with her left hand and sliding 3 fingers of her delicate right hand inside Beverly. She was an expert, but then again she was programmed to be. Beverly knew she was getting close to cumming and as Prârthâ looked up at her she obviously sensed it too as her thumb started rubbing her throbbing clit. She stopped sucking Jean-Luc and said in her beautiful Thai accent words that Jean-Luc understood immediately. &#034Your wife needs you now.&#034 Jean Luc smiled as he knelt in ...