1. Fucking My Next Door Neighbor

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: cunticker, Source: xHamster

    These people moved in next door about ten or twelve years ago and the husband was kind of a jerk, very unfriendly and I hardly ever saw him. But the wife.....I did not see her much at first either. Then I started noticing that she liked to do yoga stuff on their deck and occasionally a little sunbathing. I started taking notice. Not a beauty but not bad either. Then she was about 37-39 5'8ish and maybe 140 lbs slightly chubby, dark hair and complexion. I grew blackberries on the fence that separates our property and a lot of them are on her side of the fence and she came down one day when she saw me outside and asked if she could have the blackberries on her side of the fence. So we struck a conversation and I begin to get to know her a little bit. She seemed a little bit strange maybe even emotionally uptight or something. Of course I said she could pick all she wanted. Just above the blackberries are several large evergreens about 30 feet high that separate our two back yards. These will come into play later. I started noticing that nearly every time I mowed the yard or worked in my vegetable garden she would come out and either do the yoga stuff or sun bathe in a bikini. And looking back I now know she was trying to get my attention. One day when my wife was at work and I was home alone and out in the yard she came out in a tiny black bikini and spread her blanket out in plain view of me. I kept working and she got up and came over to the fence by the black berries and we ... started talking. She asked me if I thought she would look good on the beach or something like that and I said I thought she looked very nice in her bikini and would probably have a lot of folks looking at her. Then she asked if I wanted to look at her and I said well I am looking at you right now. This was starting to sound a little crazy but I played along. She asked me if she could come over to my side of the fence and look at my blackberries and garden and I said sure come on over. I think my cock was already hard at this point and probably starting to stand out on my cotton baggy shorts I had on. She said lets go up and look at your black berries and we walked up to where no one could see us because of the evergreen trees. Then she just grabbed me and kissed me right on the lips real hard. I was startled and taken aback then she did it again and I guess since I did not push her away or say no she put her arms around me and I stared to give in and kiss her back. Then we started making out like teenagers and our tongues were all over each other’s and I was rubbing her ass with my hands! I finally broke the embrace and said are you sure you want to do this and she said hell yes I haven't had sex in months and I have been hoping you would notice me. I have been watching you for quite a while. I ask, what about your husband? She said we are separated and getting a divorce and don’t have sex anymore. She came at me again and this time as we were kissing she grabbed my cock and ...