1. The New Year

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Mind Control, Voyeur, Author: Volsci, Source: sexstories.com

    Oliver was an average man. he did what any average guy in a shit can of a town would do on New Years, he went to the closest bar to plaster himself to welcome the next “average” year. It didn’t take too long for him to reach that buzzed level, as almost a dozen shots of Devil’s Cut had him swaying from side to side, his speech slurred and a permanent look of chagrin branded on to his face. He goofily raised his arm to call for another shot. “ Heyy brooo lem-lemme git ano-nother!” The burly, sad looking bartender responded; “You’ve had enough pal, you’ve done this every year since I can remember.” A look of disappointment proceeded to wash over his face towards the end of his rebuke. “Wha-!?” He was cut off by an odd sensation. He could feel a stare, like daggers being thrown at him. It was a sixth sense type of feeling, it was terrifying, a powerful mixture of all emotions tightened into a small ball that felt like it was located in his chest. He coughed hard, like anxiety was wrapping it’s cold hand around his throat and squeezing. He looked up in a daze, searching the room for who, or what, was responsible for this. He spotted a small silhouette in a darker corner of the bar, it’s most prominent feature being the eyes. They were a robust frost color, so light blue they were almost white. He could feel them look him over, pierce his skin, and seep into his soul. The small shadow made a graceful movement upwards into an upward poise. And did a slow walk out of the ... darkness. A small woman emerged from the shadowy perch and walked directly at him. Oliver held his breath almost painfully, all while examining her. Compared to his height of 6”2 she was on the short side at around 5”3. She had long, thick, and curly cocoa colored hair that fell to the midsection of her back. She possessed pale skin that reminded one of a winter day, with full rosy lips that complimented the curvature of her softly sculpted cheekbones. The woman wore a sleek, tight fitting dress that stopped midway down the thighs, it revealed her vivacious curves, just enough so you would want to further explore. She wore tiny heels, the kind of heels one would wear looking for a nightly adventure in the city. Her C cup breasts that were ever so lovely were constricted in the strapless dress. With the fabric of the chest stopping just above the nipple, he swear he could see them poking out from under the thin fabric. She had the ideal hourglass shape that women work lifetimes in the gym for, with a thin waist and hips that were a little on the large side yet all the more ambrosial. Her approach seemed like an eternity, he finally let go of his breath in a loud huff when they made contact. She had grabbed his hand. The soft, ample touch sent a shockwave through his body all the way to his manhood. This oddly new sensation almost caused his legs to give out beneath him, but he kept himself upright. She lifted her herself up onto his boots to give her more of standing with him, and ...