1. Waking on the Beach - My Wife Expands Her Boundaries

    Date: 6/19/2017, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: luvnher, Source: LushStories

    We had planned this trip to the islands months ago. As the date of departure approached we were nearly overwhelmed. The long work days, chores around the house and family issues created moments when we thought we should cancel. Needless to say our infrequent sex life transitioned to no sex life. It was during this time I found myself lying in bed recalling earlier days in our relationship when sex was a part of everyday. Many times I would fuel it with graphic fantasies centered on you. I would occasionally bring home a video that would include scenes of two or more men sharing a willing woman. During these videos you would tell me how you would not want them cuming on your face, but thought it would be sexy if they came on your breasts, stomach or ass. These videos would melt your inhibitions leading to long nights of hot sex, occasionally ending with a toy in your pussy while I came in your sexy ass. As our departure date grew closer I found myself recalling how hot you would get when I talked about you being desired and even fucked by other men. The thoughts began to dominate my days and nights as I found my own manhood being resurrected by the thoughts of you being completely fulfilled. The morning we left was a whirlwind! Once we boarded our flight I sensed a change. You looked renewed and refreshed long before we arrived at our beach front condo. Arriving late in the afternoon we had an early dinner, and retired to our balcony with a glass of wine. I tentatively ... brought up my old fantasies of sharing you with other men. That evening we had the best sex we had had in years. The next couple of days were wonderful! We relaxed, explored, soaked up the sun and reignited our sex life. You were becoming more and more confident and flirty, which I loved. We decided to spend this morning on the beach. The warm sun and gentle breeze felt perfect. The rhythmic waves soon had us drifting off to sleep. I woke to gentle moans. Lazily opening my eyes I saw a young man bent over your lounge chair gently sucking on your breasts, slowly moving from one to the other. His other hand was between your legs, massaging your pussy through your swim suit. You were responding to his touch by gently rotating your hips and pushing against his teasing fingers. As your excitement rose you began to lift your hips, exerting more pressure against his hand as your right hand came up to to hold his head against your breast. My penis continued to swell as I watched your left hand extend out and rub his inner thigh. He suddenly stopped the attention he was giving you and stood up, releasing his own swollen member. Gently laying his hand back on your tanned stomach, I watched as his fingers slowly slipped under the elastic at the front of your bottoms. Hesitating a brief moment, his hand then continued to descend into your bottoms until it was covering your pussy. My cock was now rock hard as I watched your back arch and your hand drop from the back of his head to his hand in a ...