1. The Pool Party

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    The Pool Party 1 It’s finished Kathy it’s finished Ginger yelled into the phone, they are filling it up right now. I can’t believe it is finally finished. On the other end of the line, Kathy was almost as excited as her friend; Ginger had a new pool being installed at her house. The girls had been impatiently waiting for the contractors to get it finished so they could have a party there. So when are we having a party Kathy asked, I got a new swimsuit already to wear. This weekend we should be able to use it; they want the filters to run and then check it out. The landscaping is going in today and as long as we stay off the sod we can use the pool as soon as they check out the filters and clean it. They are supposed to be able to finish that by Friday. I just got a new bikini too, just for this special occasion. I have wanted my own pool forever. We can contact the girls and get it set up; I hope everyone is available on this short notice. 2 A few hours later, a slightly less exuberant Ginger called Kathy back. I called everyone, and they all had plans except Jill, so I guess it will be the three of us the first time, and then we can all get together the next weekend and really break the pool in. That’s OK Ginger, we will still have fun and get to relax and lay in the sun for the weekend. We can rub it in all week how nice it was and make the rest of them jealous they missed it. We can wear our new bikinis, lie in the sun, sip drinks and enjoy ourselves. I will call Jill ... and we can start celebrating Saturday morning, is 11 good for you? Sure, we can get started and make a day of it, Jill and I will see you then. Chapter 3 Ginger was pacing around the living room when she saw Kathy and Jill pull into the driveway. She wasn’t happy, and her face showed it. Kathy and Jill walked through the door and they knew from the look on Gingers face that something was definitely amiss in paradise. The pool guys did not show up yesterday Ginger said and they promised they would be here first thing this morning. It’s almost 11 and they still aren’t here. Jill smiled and said no problem, the sun is hot and hopefully the beer is cold so let’s get started. The three very sexy ladies headed out the back doors to the pool. It’s beautiful Kathy and Jill exclaimed together, taking in the pool and the landscaping that had been done in Gingers back yard. Kathy walked to the ice chest by the lounges that Ginger had sat up for them and got three ice cold beers out and handed one to Jill and Ginger. Popping off the cap Kathy held up her bottle to the other two ladies and said “Here is to a warm pool, a hot sun, cold beer, and good friends. After a long cold swallow she took off the wrap she had worn over her tiny blue bikini and sat down and began to apply suntan lotion to her body. Jill and Ginger quickly followed suit and there were three beautiful, sexy women sunning themselves by the new swimming pool. Ginger had on a new pink bikini, and Jill had one that was pale ...