1. the blackmail of sophie turner

    Date: 7/9/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, Lesbian, Lesbian, First Time, Job / Office Sex, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Author: robj3985, Source: sexstories.com

    Disclaimer: the events in this work are fictional and did not happen any relation to real life characters or events is purely coincidental fiction is legal After the events of comic con, Sophie turner had developed a bit of a crush on Natalie dormer, after sitting next to her, watching her answer questions and laugh, she felt mesmerized, she spent most of the panel staring at her. Natalie and Sophie had been friends since Natalie came to the show and were very close, later that night they were texting and Sophie said “you looked great at the panel And Natalie replied “so did you, I loved your dress, I wish I had your figure, I couldn’t pull off a dress like that” “are you kidding” Sophie replied, “I’d kill for your body” “your boobs are so much nicer than mine” said Sophie. “I cant really comment on that” said Natalie ”You’ve have seen mine, but I haven’t seen yours.” There was a pause in Sophie's texting for a moment after this and then a picture came up on Natalie's phone, of Sophie completely naked and posing in front of the mirror in her hotel bathroom. Followed by a text saying, “there now we are even.” Natalie admired the photo for a moment before saving it to her photos and backing it up to several locations. She then smiled mischievously to herself, turned off her phone without replying and went to sleep. Sophie however after a few minutes of Natalie not responding began to get nervous and texted her again, still no response she began to panic, what if Natalie didn’t ... like the photo and didn’t want to be friends anymore, she sent Natalie several texts throughout the night but got no response. The next morning Natalie woke up and turned on her phone to see the texts from Sophie, as they got later they became more and more desperate. Natalie smiled again and replied, meet me in my trailer when you get to the set today and then turned her phone back off. Natalie drove to the set excited for what was to come today, she was early but she thought Sophie would be as well after what happened last night. She parked her car and went to her trailer, opened her computer and started an email to which she attached the photo Sophie had sent her but she didn’t send it, she just left it open so that Sophie would see it when she came in. About fifteen minutes later a knock came at the door, Natalie knew it was Sophie and said, “come in” smiling her signature smile. As Sophie rushed in, she looked tired, she must not have gotten much sleep last night worrying about the photo, she was wearing skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. She got in and opened her mouth to speak but suddenly realized she had no idea what to say, there were so many questions in her head but she couldn’t think what to say first, then she noticed the email open on Natalie's computer. “What the hell is that?” She said pointing to the laptop. “Oh that” Natalie said looking over her shoulder “well I just thought you looked so good in that picture, that I shouldn’t keep it to myself, I was just ...