1. Now cocksucker

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Gay, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster

    Becoming a Cock Sucker as a Young Man – 1 Background A neighbour and friend of my parents when we lived in our country's capital taught me to be an excellent cock sucker. He and his wife were friendly with my parents; they had a baby daughter at that time. He was a scientist of some type; with astronomy as a hobby and he had ground his own 6 inch reflecting mirror. He had discussed his hobby in front of my parents and I indicated an interest in looking at the moon and planets. I was invited on a few occasions, when there was a clear night and I guess when a particular planet was easily viewable, to come to his house and look through his telescope. On these initial visits his wife was always present, but stayed indoors with their young baby. How He Started On one occasion he invited me into their house and to his workshop to look at the inner workings of another telescope he was building. He told me that his wife was not home, she had gone out somewhere with the baby. It was on this occasion that he asked me if I had ever masturbated. I was 11 and I didn't even know what that was so he explained it was something a man did to feel good and that while I wasn't a man yet it was important I know how it was done. He did say that probably my parents were too embarrassed to discuss it and that it might be a good idea to keep this between us. I accepted this from him because of how my parents were in talking about anything; they did not discuss anything at all personal ever and never ... anything about sex. He undid his pants and dropped them and his underwear to reveal to me an erect penis. It was about 6 inches when hard and had a pronounced mushroom head; I'd guess it was about 2-3 inches in diameter down the shaft. He had smooth, shaved balls which looked to me (and I didn't have anything else to compare to) to be quite large. He began by telling me what all the parts of a man's penis were and what they were for. He then said that masturbation was when you took your hand and stroked your stiff penis until you had an orgasm, which was he explained what felt so good. I watched while he stroked his penis and after a while he ejaculated into a tissue that he had at hand. I was fascinated by that and by what came out of his penis and he told me that it was called semen and it was needed to make a baby. He said he would tell me all about that at another time. I asked him if I was able to make the same thing happen with my small cock and he did say that I was a little too young and that it might take another year or two until I matured more. He said that he would like to instruct me on how to be a man and how to bring pleasure to myself and to others. He said that being able to do that was something that would result in my becoming very popular as I grew older. That interested me as I was a little shy, kind of book-worm type and not at all outgoing. My Exposure Continues Over the next few months I would regularly go over to look through the telescope and often ...