1. Whoa! Did That Actually Happen? I

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    Due to the abuse of the comment section by spammers and other idiots, I have restricted the comment section. Please feel free to PM me with your comments. Lucky Mann Whoa! Did That Actually Happen? Jason was an extremely bright young man. At the age of twenty-four he was a second year graduate student at a major engineering university on the east coast. He had impressed his professors so much that he had been hired as a teaching assistant. He had been given the responsibilities of over seeing the undergrads as they worked in one of the chem. labs. The safety of the lab students was of particular importance. Part of his job was to inspect and open the lab before the undergrads arrived for class and be certain they carefully followed all safety procedures. Undergrads frequently make mistakes. It’s part of the learning process. Most of their mistakes are minor in nature and simply require a little clean up and a written report. Once in a while a student will really screw up and make a serious error. Mistakes that could lead to serious mishaps are usually averted. However, every now and then, a mistake that could lead to catastrophic results occurs. Not only would the student making the mistake put themselves in danger, but many of his surrounding classmates as well. If the mistake is serious enough the entire lab could be put at risk. One such serious incident occurred shortly after classes had begun in the fall. A very bright first year student had been performing an experiment ... using some volatile chemicals. His experiment had been stable until he made a final addition to his heated beaker. When he added a few grams of highly radioactive material to his mixture, smoke began to boil out of his beaker. Jason shouted orders to the entire class. “EVERYONE CLEAR THE LAB!” All the other students immediately began running out of the two lab doors. All, except the student that had been doing the experiment and Jason, had left the lab within seconds. The practice drills had worked except for the experimenter. He seemed frozen in place as he stared at his smoking beaker. Jason ran to the student’s lab table and shoved him as hard as he could. The student stumbled backward and fell to the floor. Jason turned his attention toward the beaker and reached out to remove it from the burner. He had planned on dumping it into the adjacent sink. Before he could reach the beaker, there was a bright flash and a small explosion. The beaker shattered. Shards of glass were scattered over an area about six feet in diameter. The contents of the beaker were spewed over a similar area. Luckily, Jason had his safety goggles on. His eyes and surrounding facial area were thus protected from the glass and scattered experimental material. Unfortunately, the rest of his upper torso was heavily coated with a fine powder that had apparently come from the exploding beaker. “Get up and get out. Call the Fire Dept.” Jason ordered. The student, who was still on the floor, quickly scramble ...