1. kate sunday

    Date: 7/16/2016, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Author: sissychris, Source: xHamster

    I woke in the middle of the night Kate was out cold, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on her breath was awful, I got up and slept on the sofa About eight thirty, I heard her come down the stairs, she looked a mess, she was complaining about her head. I ignored her moan and not talking to her, She finally asked what was wrong? I reminded her of her humiliating me in front of sally she claimed she couldn't remember, she reached across the table to hold my hand, I got up and went to have a wash before going to football I finished washing and was in my room getting ready, she came in I'm sorry she said, I pushed past her and went down stairs, She called down what time will you be back? I don't know I said, Sally will be here by five I will cook a roast. OK I called back, I was still angry. I played my game , then went round Paul's house and watched a video, I got home around four, the smell of the roast filled my nose, Kate called I'm in the kitchen, I walked in , she looked fantastic do you want some tea Yes please She apologized about the night before, but said it was meant to be fun OK but I didn't want anyone to know OK she said I'm sorry gave me my tea and rubbed my shoulders, Sally arrived I still felt embarrassed, I said hello and went up to my room, and fell asl**p for about a hour and was woken by roars of laughter coming from Kate's room, I went down stairs two empty bottles of wine was on the table, my dinner was on the cooker, I sat down and ...
    ate it, the laughter and the talking was getting louder, I finished eating and took Leo up the park , I got back about a hour later, They was out in the garden Chris come here baby, I went outside , sally giggled but Kate said , We are sorry for last night I said OK Get a glass you can have some wine, I got the glass she almost filled it, We chatted and drank more , the conversation started getting naughty but fun Kate suddenly said I have told sally about what we have done, I blushed a little, sally poured me another glass of wine, and said sorry about last night Chris , we didn't mean to upset you, Its OK I said , I was feeling quiet tipsy Kate then said she's jealous as hell laughing Why I asked is it because I'm touching you No she wants your cock Kate laughed nodding at sally, was now blushing, Kate stood up and sat next to sally, grabbed her hair and kissed her, both of them looking at me Kate's hand moved down and slipped up Sally's blue dress , sally said no but didn't resist Kate's hand was rubbing Sally's fanny through her knickers every now and then I got a glimpse of Kate's fingers pressed into Sally's black lace knickers, Sally's hand slid between Kate's legs and rubbed Kate's crouch through her jeans, My cock was so hard watching them, Suddenly they stopped ,looked at me and the bulge in my trouser and started laughing, Was you enjoying that Chris Kate asked, Yes I slurred, don't stop laughing Kate stood up , in need to pee and ran in doors Tbc