1. The Taking of a White Family – Part 1 - The Arrival

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    Many years ago I was recruited by a government owned Uganda Petroleum Company to go work in Uganda. They had found large amounts of oil & gas so the government was looking for high end white collar managers to assist them with the workers and company management. I should have known that something was strange during the interview by the questions that were asked. The group of black men conducting the interview wanted to know more about my family then my skill sets. I gave them an overview; my wife’s name is Carol, she is 35, 5’4” and very good looking with a well proportion sexy body, long blond hair and blue eyes. We have 3 daughters, Amy is 12, 5’ tall, dark blond hair, Cathy is 14, 5’ 5” and keeps her hair short and Mary is 16 and looks like her mother. All the girls got there looks from their mother and started to develop early look older than they really are. With the job offer was the mandatory moving of the entire family to Uganda. As you can imagine I was very apprehensive about this. Moving the girls out of the country for four years but the interviewers put my mind at ease. They even put me on the phone with several of the current white workers who praised the living conditions in the compound, schools and social life there. Add to that the money was fantastic. I could make in four years what it would take me ten years in the states plus no taxes. I accepted the position, signing the acceptance paperwork barely reading it. So, the move was set and within 3 weeks ... we were landing in Kampala, Uganda the capital. We were met by six large muscular black company men who to our surprise were armed with AK-47s and side arms. They helped collect our luggage and ushered us, along with two other arriving families to a waiting run down bus with bars on the windows and an interior cage. The men told us this was for our protection as the rebels have been active. It was at this point I noticed the several of the men looking over my daughters. I tried to have them dress conservative but being teenagers they insisted on wearing tight short cutoffs and tank tops. Carol had sided with the girls saying it was going to be hot when we landed. She wore an almost see thru sun dress that moved in the warm breeze. Looking around I notice the other families also had only daughters about the same age as Carols and mine. The men divided up into pairs with each pair assigned to and escorting a family. Our family was the second to board and as we did I heard a clang of a cage door closing looking up I saw the first family that boarded locked in the rear with their guards. We were next, the guards placed us in our seats and the steal door was closed and locked. Then the third family followed. What had I got us into? The guards were sitting one in front and one in back both eyeing the girls and my wife. Just then the silence was broken as a black man in a suit entered the front of the bus and started talking in a heavy accent. “Welcome everyone to Uganda and please ...