1. Stay Still

    Date: 8/11/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Onthewater2, Source: LushStories

    AllSet Human Sculpture Rentals : You have recently been accepted by their selection panel and have been invited to be placed on view for a ninety-minute stint at the Hands-On Sculpture Reception in a neighboring state. The attendees will be mostly couples. Drinks will be served. You will travel there and back in the company limo. You will be paid the usual and customary first timer fee of $2,500. You will be placed, nude, on a rectangular pedestal about a foot off the floor. You are to remain in a stationary position on all fours. There will be markers on the pedestal where you are to keep your knees and the palms of you hand for the duration. Your hands are to be placed directly below your shoulders and your knees will be about sixteen inches apart. You are not to speak. You may move slightly if in contact with a guest. You may not speak unless expressing pain or elation. You agree and sign a one time contract. The limo arrives on time. You are greeted by the host, Jonathan, introduced to the cute bartender Casey, and shown your shower and dressing room. At the appointed time prior to the arrival of any guests, you disrobe in your dressing room and proceed into the gallery. You realize that you are not the only item on display, and feel a bit disappointed. There is artwork hanging from the walls and several selected sculptures in the area where your pedestal is located. Your pedestal is simply labeled: Emily . You assume your required position. Your hands are comfortable ... below you, yet your knees feel a little awkward being so far apart. Jonathan approaches you and looks you over. Clearly, he approves and tells you how are stunning you are and thanks you for your willingness to be on display at this reception. He places a large shallow silver bowl on the pedestal below your face, maybe for tips you imagine. He asks you to look forward, “Use the blonde hair of the bartender across the room as a focal point.” He looks at you again and nods, “Perfect” he says. He leaves. You look at Casey and wonder why he is nude too. The lights are lowered. Soon you begin to hear noises. People wander in. They look at the artwork on the walls, and yet also see you. Soon a gentleman and his lady friend come close. The man reaches out and runs his fingers through your blond hair. “Very nice!” he says to the woman as they pass by. You feel a gentle hand on your ass. It moves slowly. Small orbits, it must be a woman. “Mummmm” you hear. Yes, a woman’s voice. A man’s voice breaks in, “Yes, such a flat tummy and a fine butt indeed!” Smack! You feel and hear his open hand strike your left buttock. You want to cry out, you don’t. “Come Tom” you hear her say, “You can come back to her later.” And they walk past you without looking back. The room is getting more crowded. Two women, girls really, not more than twenty and a young man approach. “Oh, I love her tits!” says the girl in the push-up bra. “See how sharp her tits point down.” The other girl stands at your side and ...