1. Stay Still

    Date: 8/11/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Onthewater2, Source: LushStories

    is racing - enjoying your circumstance. Without notice, the man cums as short spurts empty into your mouth. He pulls out and finishes on your face. You feel the hot sauce dripping down, off your chin and into the bowl. They leave. An Asian man approaches you, unzipping on his way. The man presents and you accept. Such a skinny prick. Never felt such a slim one – but very stiff and firm. He is careful as if he wants you to want him. And you do as you suck him you feel his occasional brief, yet hard, nipple pinches. You shriek for a moment nearly choking on Mr. Thin Penis, but remain firm on all fours. He soon can hold his cum no longer and exclaims in Japanese utterances as his juice coats the back of your throat and escapes down your chin dripping into the silver below – a veritable collection of the global fluid you have brought on. The lights flicker and the crowd thins. Soon the room is empty except for the handsome blond bartender. He is loading tray will empty glasses. You wish he’d come over and lay you over your pedestal, pull out his cock and fuck you until you come to crisis. It wouldn’t take much. Again, Jonathan interrupts your reverie and walks you back to your dressing room. He handed you an envelope containing twenty-five one hundred dollar bills and thanks you. You shower, brush your teeth in the shower, patted yourself dry and comb your hair out before the mirror then proceed to get dressed. Little did you know that your host was in his office jerking his cock furiously as he watched your every move from the other side of the two-way dressing room mirror. He deposits his contribution into the silver bowl. Johnathan meets you as you leave the dressing room, escorts you outside and thanks you again as he holds open the door of the limo. All the way home you touch yourself as you think about Casey filling your mouth with his abundant cum.