1. Apollo

    Date: 8/11/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Several years ago I paid my first visit to a sauna at the mature age of forty. The market I was in held a yearly trade show in Switzerland in early spring and the town that the trade show was held in, was rather small and boring. In prior years, I had always stayed in that town but finally decided to rather stay in Zurich, commuting to and fro from the small town on a daily basis for the duration of my visit. On the day of my arrival in Zurich, the plane always landed early morning. This being a day prior to the opening of the fair I always had the rest of that day to myself. The hotel I booked in Zurich was gay-friendly and it was, therefore, no surprise that they had an assortment of gay brochures at reception. After finally being shown to my room at around nine in the morning, I showered before relaxing on my bed. Perusing the brochures, a list of clubs and bars were naturally advertised. I then chanced upon the name Apollo in the sauna section. What attracted me was the mention of it being ‘for the mature male.’ I played the ‘should I, shouldn’t I,’ game for the next couple of hours building up the courage to visit the sauna. Finally, at around twelve-thirty, I followed the map to the Apollo. It was a wonderful establishment that looked like it had been around since the sixties. It was clean and well looked after, but very old fashioned. To the left of the entrance, there was a lounge area with a spiral staircase. To the right there was a shower room with a sauna and ... steam-room on either side. Further on, there was a small bar area on the right with a locker room to the left. Having undressed, with a towel wrapped around my hips I continued my tour. I ascended the spiral staircase to the upper floor. The first room on the upper floor had a raised section to the left, upon which five long plastic covered mattresses lay. On the right, there was a television playing a porn movie. There was only one person in this room. He was a scrawny tall man that I estimated must have been over sixty-five years old. He was unattractive but had a huge uncut cock that he was leisurely stroking. As I moved through to the next room on the right his horny eyes followed my every move. The next room was a mirror image of the first. The lighting in this room, however, was much dimmer and had no television. In this room, there was a really large man on his stomach being fucked by a thinner man. Following through to the left there was a third room with five long cubicles next to one another. The same dark green mattresses I had observed in the other two rooms were also placed in these cubicles. For privacy, each cubicle had a curtain, but as the cubicles were unoccupied the curtains were all open. Tour complete, I headed back down with ‘Horny-and-Hung’ again staring at me. I had never liked saunas and wasn’t going to bother with this one. I was, however, dying to try the steam room. I entered the steam room which was about four metres squared. The only light provided ...