1. Incest Vacation

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    Incest Vacation This story is told from the view of Fran, the daughter, but there are parts where she was not present. Those parts are told from what she was told or from more of a third party point of view. Hope you enjoy it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ My twin brother, Bobby and I were fucking in the back of our minivan as Dad drove and Mom rode in the passenger’s seat. We were on our way to the beach condo that we had rented for the last week of summer before we went back to college. The back seats were folded down and we had the luggage piled to the side so we had room to do our thing. Bobby was on his back. I had my pants and panties off and was squatting above him bouncing up and down on his rock hard seven inch prick. It was hard to get a steady rhythm with the van bouncing on the bumps and swerving around other traffic. He popped out a couple of times. Dad was so busy watching in the mirror that he almost ran into the back of the car in front of us. Every time one of us would moan, Mom would turn around and look at us. “Oh fuck Fran, you’re the best fuck in the world. There’s nothing I like better than having my cock buried in your tight cunt.” Mom looked back, “Hey, I feel insulted. What about me?” Bobby replied, “Sorry Mom, you’re a great piece of ass too.” Mom and Dad both laughed. We pulled up alongside of an eighteen-wheeler . The driver sat high enough up so that he could see in the side window of our ... minivan and get a good look at what was happening. I looked him in the eyes and smiled and waved. Fortunately the road was three lanes wide so other cars could pass because he matched our speed and kept watching Bobby and me fuck. I felt my orgasm hit me. I bit my lower lip and clenched my vaginal muscles around Bobby’s hard cock as I shuddered thru an earth shaking orgasm. Bobby always made me cum hard. Mine caused his. Bobby moaned, “Fuck, I’m coming Sis. I’m gonna fill your wonderful cunt full of my spunk. He held me tightly down on him as he blasted his load deep in me. I counted five times that his cock pulsed and poured his hot sauce into me. Each time it spat a shot of his seed deep in my convulsing cunt. I love the wonderful sensation of my brother’s, or anyone’s cum filling me. I am sure happy that I am on the pill. I would not want to miss that feeling for the world. We came to a sign that said we were near a rest stop. The truck driver tooted his horn and pointed at the sign. We dropped behind him and followed him into the rest area. He pulled way to the back of the lot and stopped. Dad pulled up next to him. Mom got out and went to his passenger’s side door. Ten minutes later, Mom came back and got in the car. She still had cum on her chin. She used her finger to scoop it up and push it into her mouth. Dad started the car and we continued on our trip. About six pm we arrived at the resort. Dad went in and checked us in. He got a key for each of us. The unit was ...