1. A Student And Her Teacher - Part 3

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: Banes1, Source: LushStories

    Wednesday Waking up early, I think of how I am going to tell Tiffany that we cannot continue. My cock begins to stiffen at the thought of her name. This is going to be harder than I thought, but I must be strong and careful to not hurt Tiffany. Arriving at school thirty minutes early, I put the final touches of what I am going to say to Tiffany. My first two classes were long and agonizing as I anticipated seeing Tiffany in third period. Excalibur is having second thoughts and becomes rigid. Finally, third period arrives and in walks Tiffany. She looks even sexier in her school uniform than yesterday. I feel my cock getting harder and longer. "Good morning, Mr. Blake." Tiffany pulls her skirt to mid-thigh, allowing me a view of her pink thong. Just then the rest of the class scurries to their seats in an attempt to beat the tardy bell. As the class period progresses, Tiffany teases me with glimpses of her thong and at one point, she drops her pen on the floor. As she bends to pick it up, I catch a glimpse of her pink lace bra. Tiffany is going to make what I have to say even more difficult than I thought. During the class, Tiffany affords me views of her body and even plays with her pen as if it were a cock. Finally, the class ends and I am a bit disappointed to see Tiffany leave. Sitting at my desk, grading the homework assignment, Tiffany re-enters and locks the door behind her. Holding her left hand behind her, she walks up to me and straddles my left thigh. Tiffany ... sits and rubs her bare pussy on my thigh. "Mmmm, Mr. Blake, I love how your tweed trouser feels against my naked pussy." Before I can say anything, Tiffany brings her left hand from behind her back. She is holding her thong and brings it up to my nose. "Mr. Blake, take a whiff." Tiffany places her thong against my nose and I inhale deeply her sweet scent. "Just think, Mr. Blake, soon you will lick and fuck my pussy." She places the thong in my hand as she stands. "These are for you, my very good boy." Walking toward the door, Tiffany looks back and blows me a kiss before flipping up her skirt, giving me a view of her firm ass. "Oh, and don't forget my ass will be yours too." I have five minutes left before going to my lunch duty. Locking Tiffany's thong in my desk, I adjust my aching hard-on and head to the lunchroom. Once there, Tiffany continues to tease me as she gives me glimpses of her pussy. After twenty minutes, the bell rings and everyone goes to their next class. During study hall, I go over what I am going to say to Tiffany about ending this. Thoughts of what we have done so far re-emerge, making it difficult to concentrate on what I am going to say to Tiffany. The dismissal bell rings, signaling the end of the day. As my students file out of the room, I feel my cock stirring in my boxers. Trying to think of something other than Tiffany proves to be futile. Thoughts of fucking Tiffany’s mouth and the eventuality of doing the same to her pussy and ass, consume me. ...