1. Superheroine defeat and degradation Series Chapter 1: Wonder woman Bred by mutts.

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Bestiality, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Pregnant, Author: Superheroine lover, Source: sexstories.com

    Wonder woman awoke to find herself in what seemed to be in a dungeon cell. She lay on mattress that was situated on a thick pile of hay and straw. In a corner of the cell was a chamber pot and a large empty tub that must have been for showering. Her clothes were gone and she was completely naked, her lithe goddess like body showing for any who wanted to see. Her huge breasts stood proudly on her chest and we're nice and firm, just asking to be grabbed. She felt no cold as there was a roaring fireplace in the cell that heated it and kept the cell warm. "Welcome to your new home, princess Diana." At the sound of the voice she turned to find Jared Grey or the Dark Emperor as he was called, a new Magical super villain at the cell's steel barred door, a smirk on his face. With a roar of rage she launched herself at the door, ready to tear it to pieces and kill her enemy. As she touched the door however, a green light flashed and she found herself thrown back. Of course, magical spells had been placed on the door to avoid escape. "Now, now wonder woman. Calm down. I defeated you fair and square and you are now my prisoner. But I come with a proposal...." he said, the smirk turning into a friendly smile. Wonder woman was on guard at once." And what would your proposal be exactly?" She asked, the amazon princess asked. "Join me Wonder woman. Join with me and help me rule this world. I am not an evil man. All I want is what is best for earth. How many times will you let scum and ... criminals like the Joker or Toy man get away with numerous murders and crimes? I plan to conquer earth and turn it into a magical empire, ridding earth of all it's danger by villains. Those villains who submit and help me will be pardoned of course, those who rebel will meet punishment and death for their crimes. Rule with me as my equal. The Amazons would be rewarded richly for your help. No longer could they have only their little island home. They could have as much land as they wanted. And when our conquering is over you could cement their superiority and power by marriage...to me." Said the emperor. Wonder woman was already making her answer. "Never. Not in a million years." She shouted in defiance, causing the Villain?...to sigh as a hard look came onto his face. "As you wish. You leave me no choice. If I can't have you willingly with me then I'll just have to....persuade you. Luckily I've already sent messengers to your island kingdom and the Amazons have sent favourable replies with conditions I am ready to meet..." Diana gasped at this information. How could they? "Your support would have helped very much but it is not needed. Hyppolita, your mother, is a great queen and recognises a good deal. As for you, well......" he shrugged and snapped his fingers. Mechanical tentacles emerged from the walls and before she could think grabbed her body and lowering it to floor, snaking up her arms and firmly tieing them up behind her back as more pulled her legs upwards and spread ...