1. We aren't done yet

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: dirty_chop, Source: LushStories

    "We aren't done," I panted. "Oh no. We definitely aren't done yet," Maggie said as she finished wiping my cum off her face with her veil. I had just unloaded and epic amount of cum, and I couldn't get my mind around how I was supposed to make it all happen again? My legs were shaking, adrenaline was high, my breathing wouldn't settle down. In the meantime, Maggie has disappeared back to the bathroom. She returned with a warm washcloth and had gently gone about dabbing my balls with warmth. So intense was the feeling that I had to ask her to stop. "That's okay," she softly said through a lovely white smile. "I have another idea." I propped myself up at the headboard while age made herself comfortable in the far corner of the bed. She slowly peeled her stockings down her legs, then her garter and tossed it in my lap. She began to tease her clit very gently, then bit by bit began dipping fingers in and out out her cunt. They worked deeper with deliberate pace, until suddenly her fingers fired like a piston and her other hand blazed back and forth over her clit. "Oh god it's coming! It's gonna happen," she cried just before unleashing a torrential squirt all over the comforter. Her ass was clenching, her legs twitched, and her calves flexed pointing her beautiful and now naked toes. I admit, I was beginning to recover. She stood eventually, and gave me a slight head nod towards the bathroom. The shower she ran for us was hot, and nearly uncomfortable. We stood there together ... under the running water for what felt like hours. We were enveloped in deep and passionate kisses. She took time to run hot, soapy water to her hands then wash and massage my balls while stroking life back into my hardening cock. I turned her back to me then reached around to lather her tits, stomach, then down to her smoothly shaved pussy lips. She bent gently at the waist, encouraging me to enter her. I dipped my head in the just a bit to tease us both and get ourselves ready. Then I rinsed us both of remaining soap and turned off the water. The room smelled like sex as we dabbed ourselves dry. We found ourselves on the bed rubbing and fingering. Maggie began to kiss her way down my chest, stopping to nibble and flick her tongue over my nipples. I was anxious to have her mouth on my cock again, now that I was less likely to cum right away, but instead, she pumped my shaft with her hand while expertly licking my balls. "What would you like to do tonight," she asked stopping abruptly and resting her head on my stomach. This seemed like a trick question. What did I want to do? I wanted to wreck her. I wanted to destroy her for all other men to follow. I wanted to use every single inch of her body to give myself pleasure. Then I wanted to take filthy, naked pictures of her wearing my cum so to remember the occasion. "I want to do something you've always wanted and never done," was what I actually told her. "So now what would that be?" "Clint is a pussy in bed," she said after some ...