1. My first time with a male dog

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: jcappes, Source: sexstories.com

    True story. how my first time actually happened. Part ONE: Turning 18 myself with a high school diploma in hand I was faced with the decision of well what now. My parents had given me the ultimatum of well pay rent and live under our rules still with kerfew and judgement or move out and pay rent and live alone and have freedoms. so I did what was natural. I stayed with friends on their couch for a few months biggrin.gif One day a few months down the road I ran into my uncle. At subway getting some sandwiches. he sat with me and asked how life was going and my new job. after 40 min of riveting converstion about life and how I needed one he told me he just got a new place and had a extra room. as long as I didn't mind helping our with mowing the lawn and cleaning his place for him. he let me move in for a easy 100 bucks flat to help me get on my feet. so needless to say I moved in the next hour. since I had my whole life in my 4 runner. A few weeks in living with my uncle (in law) who was only a few years older than me. things were moving along fairly well. I was sleeping better and getting some cash saved up pretty much only paying for my cell phone and gas for my car. My life was turning into work nights sleep into until 12 everyday. then work more and occasionally kick it with my friends at the local dive by a starbucks that was open 24/7. Exciting right? Was kinda in a rutt. One week I had off work I went camping with my best friend at the time. and his GF and other ... friends. I needed to get out of my routein and kick back. take a week out on the boat and drink with others around instead of my obcession to drink alone at 4am until I passed out watching reruns of arrested development. We tubed on the boat lit fireworks and had a blast. During the nights I had the tent to myself and my friend new Bitch control freak GF was allergic to pet dander and wouldn't allow his male pittbull to sleep in the tent with them. me being a good sport. I told him to drown her in the lake. for some reason he refused and said the sex was too good and let my boy crash with you in your tent. I popped open another beer and grabbed the pittbull (tractor / name) and dragged him into my tent. I read my book and drank my beer while he whined at the door of the tent and paced back and forth endlessly. considering slipping him benedryll to shut him up and knock him out he finally came and crashed next to me on the extra sleeping back I brought incase it got cold. or found company. I didn't think I would be using it for a dog. that didn't seem to care for my existence. I put down the book after a hour turned up the space heater and dimmed the lamp. laying down I fluffed my pillow and said fuck you and goodnight to Tractor. A few hours later he woke me up trying to nuzzle himself into my sleeping bag. apparently he was cold or just needy and wanted to be close cause his owner was gone. after a few failed attempts to roost me out of my sleeping bag so he could take over he had ...