1. The Last Train of the Night

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Quickie Sex, Author: SquallHart, Source: LushStories

    Boy, what a day! I'm feeling tired after working the, by now, usual twelve hour shift. All day cooking makes you smell of food, so I usually get a shower before heading out, and today was my last shift of the week, so I need to relax a little. After a long steamy shower, feeling relaxed and clean... I lost track of time, quarter to eleven, damn! The metro closes at half past eleven, and I've got a long way to walk yet, I get dressed and grab my backpack, quickly walk through the lobby of the hotel where I work, screaming a quick goodbye to the receptionist on turn. I check my phone, eleven o'clock. Shit! After almost coming to a sprint, I make it on time. It'll probably be the last train of the night, and I'll probably won't be able to take the next combination, then I'll have to take a bus. At least I'll make it halfway home on the metro. Glass half full, huh? The station is deserted with only a couple of people here and there. Two hours earlier and this would have been bursting with people. At least I can go be seated, I can relax again, can't wait to get home! They announce that the coming train would be the last of the night, and thank you for bla bla bla... I stop listening. The train comes, oh shit, it's one of the old ones, hard uncomfortable seats, with unlinked wagons, not like the new ones where you can walk from tip to end uninterrupted and with nice comfortable seats. Ahhh, there goes my relaxing! I move away from the other people in the station, at least I can ... go alone in the wagon, I step inside. I'm alone in the wagon, I choose a seat between the two doors and get my phone out to read some... "caution with the closing doors", and we go. In a couple minutes, we arrive at the next station, a stumbling girl walks through the platform. She must be drunk to be stumbling like that. She looks at me through the window and giggles, walks past my wagon, and as the doors are about to close she gets in. She seats herself right in front of me. She is wearing high heals she can barely walk in anymore, and a short black dress, just like the ones I love, those that the curve of the ass leaves little room for imagination, with a stunning cleavage. She has pale skin with coppery brown hair, red lipstick and little other make up, this chick could've picked up anyone she wanted to. As she seats herself in front of me, she bites her lip, I can feel my crotch reacting at the sight of this stunning woman. I uncomfortably try not to stare. What's wrong with me? I've bartended for years and I'm more than used to pretty drunk girls flirting with me. Why is this girl any different? She looks me straight in the eye, piercing green eyes, I find myself struggling not to look away, I'm better than this. Her hands are resting on her knees, but she slowly starts moving them up her thighs.... Up... Down... Then she runs one finger up her inner thigh while slightly opening her legs. I swallow hard, I can feel my crotch getting hotter and growing. I can feel the ...