1. A View to a Thrill

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: SGM, Source: xHamster

    A View to a Thrill byblaster666© (found on the net) Jimmy Morris listened to his friend and neighbor Greg Norton blabber on enthusiastically while finding it impossible to believe a word he was saying. Greg was known to tell some whoppers from time to time, but what he was saying now was way beyond anything he'd claimed before. &#034It's true I'm telling ya,&#034 Greg squeaked. &#034Yeah right, whatever dude,&#034 Jimmy shot back while fixing Greg with a look that clearly showed he thought he was full of shit. &#034You'll see. Just make sure you're looking out your window at nine tonight, I'll leave the blinds up enough for you to see I'm telling the truth.&#034 The houses in this development were built in such a way that every other house was situated with one side extremely close to the one next to it. The two eighteen year olds bedrooms faced each other's and couldn't have been more than twenty feet apart. On the other side of the houses the distance increased considerably. &#034Jimmy, dinners ready,&#034 Carol Morris yelled from the back door leading into the spacious kitchen. She had to holler twice before she got a reaction from her son. She heard him say he'd be right there before he leaned in and whispered something into Greg's ear. Turning back and heading inside she couldn't help but wonder what the two boys were up to. It seemed that lately they had been more secretive than in the past. Probably talking about girls she told herself. Dinner was eaten with the whole ... f****y sitting at the dinning table. Conversation flowed between Jimmy's dad Charles and his older s****r Penny with an occasional input from his mom but he was oblivious to what they were talking about. All he could think about was what Greg had told him. Time seemed to crawl. After helping clean up he went into the f****y room and tried to wile away the time watching television but couldn't even concentrate on that. While waiting he received a text message on his cell phone from Greg asking if he was going to be watching. For some reason he didn't answer, he just placed his cell on the coffee table and ignored it. Carol noticed her son hadn't replied to his message and when she asked about it he told her it was nothing. She found that odd since he practically lived on his phone twenty-four hours a day. He was constantly receiving and sending texts, just like his s****r. She chuckled to herself as she thought about how much time her k**s spent on their phones. Hell, back in her day when she was their age you had to actually press buttons and hold the phone up to your ear then speak into it if you wanted to have a conversation with someone. The fact that she was even thinking thoughts like 'back in her day' made her chuckle out loud. &#034Something funny dear,&#034 her husband asked. &#034No, not really, just thought of something silly is all,&#034 she replied. &#034Okay,&#034 her husband replied then went back to concentrating on reading the book he was engrossed in. Carol ...