1. First Time for Santa

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Author: ronniefletcher, Source: xHamster

    from my balls making it more exciting,i could hardly contain myself from shooting my load there and then. I totally forgot about Billy until a few minutes later he came into the room with a red woman's Santa outfit on with black stocking's and a pair of black boots that came up pass his knee. He made a joke about what did we think but no one batted an eyelid except me, I had never been so excited, when he knelt in the bed i reached out and took his cock in my hand,till this day i don't know where or how the courage came to me to do this but at the time it just felt right so i bent down and took his dick in my mouth and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow.For all i knew he could have gave me a box into the head or the women could have went ballistic but he seemed to be enjoying it and the women kept munching on each others minges.It felt rather odd but at the same time it was like an out of body experience. I was running my tongue up and down his shaft and taking his knob as far down my neck as i possibly could, when he pulled my head up and ...
    started to suck on my nibbles working his way down to my purple helmet, I was looking at him stroking his cock in the boots and stockings slurping at my balls and my wife was getting fucked from behind by Anna who was wearing this monster of a strap on dildo, I was so engrossed that i didn't even see her put it on. The whole scene was surreal.Billy got up and positioned himself on the edge of the bed face down into it and pulled his arse cheeks apart for a moment i just knelt there frozen until i realised he wanted me to stick my cock up his arse, I jumped off the bed dribbled some spittle on his hole and slowly inched my dick into him.What an amazing sight and feeling to see a man dressed up with his balls and cock dangling between his legs being fucked by another man. Jill and Anna later said they came buckets watching us and that it was a huge trill for them also.We lost count the amount of times that we came that night but my favourite time was when i emptied my full load all over his arse and stocking covered legs. Lads get your gear on for the girls and bi's.