1. converting a anal virgin

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bisexual, Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Toys, Author: biguy181, Source: sexstories.com

    Some years ago, we were lucky to meet a nice couple on a swingers site, Joe and Sandy, although not as kinky as us, they were good fun and we met them as friend's too, it was nice when Sandy rang to arrange a meeting for Saturday night, and asked about our web site, saying she had seen we liked anal sex. I told her we both did, this shocked her a bit, and she asked more questions, then said she had wanted to try anal, but Joe wasn't into it, and that was as far as she had got, I told her if she wanted to try anal Saturday night, to just go with what we did, and let us work it out for her. They arrived around 4 pm Saturday, Sue and Sandy went to try on some dress's, that's what we told Joe, Sue was showing Sandy how to use our douche, every now and then they came out to show us a dress or two to keep Joe happy. We had a bbq then got into the spa, it didn't take Sue long, she had Joe sitting on the edge and was sucking his cock, I took Sandy into the bedroom and started working on her, licking and then fucking her pussy, then asked was she ready to try anal, a sly smile was all I needed. I got her worked up, fucking her pussy harder, building her up with a good few orgasms, then with a bit of lube, slid a finger in her ass, she held firm, her orgasm got stronger, then a second and third finger went in her ass, she loved it, pushing back firmly onto my finger's, her orgasm louder than normal, so it was time to try her ass with my cock, with a bit of spit, I eased the head into ... her virgin hole. Sandy jumped a bit but then pushed back, my cock slid in easy, now with slow easy strokes I was fucking her ass for the first time, each thrust more of my cock went in, then with one good push I sunk the full length of my meat in her ass. I gave Sandy the amyl telling her to try it, she wasn't sure, but trusted me, sniffing it I felt her ass relax, so I fucked her harder now, then I told her to take more amyl, forcing more cock into her receptive ass, the first of her anal orgasm hit her in a big way. Each orgasm got stronger and louder than before, every now and then she let out a low scream as her body shook, I knew the other's would have heard this too, I didn't give her any mercy, pounding her ass so hard she would be sore for days. When I heard the air pump go on in the spa, I told Sandy, Sue would be introducing Joe to anal sex now, she looked at me, I said she's going to slide his cock in her ass this time, a smile came on her face, she got into the amyl more, her anus relaxing nicely, my cock tried to destroy her ass, every inch going in and more, as a finger slipped in next to my cock. I fucked her for ages, she was loving my cock in her ass but I held back, keeping my cum for later, when I heard the air pump go off, I told her to turn over and lay on her back, I pulled her legs up my chest and returned my cock to her ass. She had a few more orgasms, then Joe and Sue walked in, he looked at Sandy, then looked again, it took awhile before he realised I ...