1. The Secret Life of Anne Boleyn

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Historical, Author: candytales, Source: LushStories

    In the early spring of the year 1533 and following years of turbulent courtship, my mistress Anne Boleyn is now wed to King Henry and is the rightful Queen of England. Our lives could never be the same again and our love could only continue if we were careful to conceal our true feelings for each other in and around the court. Her new husband no doubt has many expectations of her in the royal bedchamber but as her personal maid I am always the one she confides in both before and after her lord and master has lain with her. “He is a lusty Prince in bed,” she told me, “But there is little tenderness about him. He fucks me hard and cums readily, which does not satisfy me.” “He wishes only that you bear him a son to be his heir,” I said, “His love for you is strong and he has sacrificed much to have you but his destiny must be served.” “I do yearn to become pregnant and provide England with its future King,” she said, “But tonight I yearn only for your gentle touch.” The Queen’s quarters at Greenwich Palace were very comfortable and decorated with the finest tapestries woven with silk and gold thread but they were not the domain of the King who would visit her only when the fancy took him. The royal bed had exquisite carved pillars at each corner with red damask curtains draped between them that could be drawn to ensure complete privacy when required. There were challenging matters of state that often took Henry to the far corners of the realm causing him to be away for lengthy ... periods and this was one of those times. There were many spies within the palace who would not hesitate to report any flirtatiousness that my mistress may have carelessly had with other men around the court but they had no concept of female intimacy and my presence in her bedchamber was no cause for concern. After one of the servants had stoked the fire and provided ample fuel for the entire night the Queen dismissed him and I slid the large iron bolts on the door both top and bottom. This was normal and necessary since there were still elements within the court with loyalties to the former Queen Catherine. Even though a traitor would suffer a gruesome death there were those who would commit murder for a cause and the possibility of assassination was a real concern. But for Anne and I the security of a locked door was the perfect circumstance for us. As her maid it was my duty to prepare her for bed and as we faced each other in front of the raging fire I began to remove her garments one by one. As the final vestige of her modesty fell to the floor her slender naked body was bathed in the warm flickering light of the fire. The Queen is very petite standing barely five feet tall with firm duckies and nipples like thimbles. Her glossy dark hair tumbled around her shoulders when she loosened the clips that held it and then she removed the jewelled pendant from around her pretty little neck. Her womanhood was covered with a bush of dark curly hair that contrasted starkly to her ...