1. The Secret Life of Anne Boleyn

    Date: 8/12/2017, Categories: Historical, Author: candytales, Source: LushStories

    relishing the wetness. I could feel the Queen’s slender fingers deep in my vagina and her tongue flicking my little girl cock. It was causing sensations inside me that were threatening to engulf me and I knew that she was going to take me to ecstasy very soon. I would do the same for her but there was no protocol about who should climax first because even though we were Queen and servant, in this private moment we were just two sensuous women in love. I discovered that by inserting my thumb in her vagina and my forefinger in her anal hole the effect of my tongue on her button was amplified and as I increased the tempo, she suddenly jolted as though a horse had kicked her. A long guttural groan followed and her sleek body trembled uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure coursed through her. As her orgasm slowly subsided she found renewed vigour doing to me what I had just done to her. It was my first experience of another woman’s finger in my anus but the fact it was the Queen of England doing it to me was beyond my imagination and I urged her to take me with everything ...
    she had. As the tingling sensation deep in my body became more and more intense it was as though a spring was being wound up inside me. Then all of a sudden it was let go and I felt a massive release of tension. Although I am familiar with the pleasure of orgasm I’d never experienced anything like this in my life and despite my squealing, Anne wouldn’t stop licking me. I couldn’t control the pulses of pleasure that rippled through me and I just had to endure the battering that my senses were taking. Eventually though our heavy breathing and pounding hearts settled down and as we pulled the bed covers over ourselves we kissed tenderly and snuggled up to each other. The warmth and flickering light from the fire was almost hypnotic but just as we were drifting off to sleep in each others arms a strong gust of wind made an eerie sound that sent a cold shiver down my spine. The sense of fear only lasted a second or two but it felt as though some sort of curse had touched me. Anne felt it too but reassured me that it was just the wind and that nothing bad would ever happen.