1. hanna becomes a slave for life

    Date: 8/18/2017, Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Author: slave_kitty, Source: xHamster

    helping me push you to your physical limits...and beyond&#034. i blush deeply, my skin burning, a tear trickling down my face. my eyes lower in shame at the position i am in, yet abstractly notice my nipples have hardened. &#034Say hello to them slut&#034 &#034Hello&#034 i whimper, staring at the floor. You pull my head up by the hair and fit a spidergag between my teeth. You press the remote and the monitor shows us both on the screen. To the camera you state &#034World, it is with pleasure I introduce my latest slut. Formerly known as hanna wilson, she is now nothing but fuckmeat. Puta, meet the world. They are going to get to know you intimately. She looks forward to entertaining you&#034. You turn to me, your back to the camera. &#034Normally I'd fit a ball gag for this, but I guess those watching want to hear you scream&#034. You pick up a needle and press tge sharp point to my left nipple. &#034Let us begin&#034.