1. The Weekend (bi-male first time)

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Author: naughty_bi_interest, Source: xHamster

    (bi-sexual, group sex, stockings, lingerie, cross-dressing) The house was quite easy to find. The sat nav behaved itself and led me down the narrow lane. At the end a stone built converted barn. Just right for a secluded, private, weekend. The door was opened by Marie. Fifty years old, five foot six, brunette hair in a bob. She was healthy, fit looking, although she carried the padding appropriate for a real woman of her age. She looked just as she did in her pictures, a good sign. She smiled, said hello and kissed me on the cheek. She smelled clean and fresh. Chanel Mademoiselle? Her husband, John appeared. This was the moment I was most apprehensive about. Sometime during this weekend I may have to have sex with this man. I hoped my hand wasn't too cold with fear as I shook his. He was slightly taller than me, broader, with a wide smile. He was dressed almost identically to his wife, jeans and a crisp white t-shirt. This was the first time we'd met in person. We'd exchanged emails and pictures for sometime. We'd even masturbated together over the telephone. Were they as I expected? They were what I hoped for. Their home was stylish and airy in a modern country cottage sense. We sat in the living room and made small talk about my journey. We weighed each other up. She was attractive, I could imagine making love to her. Him, could I get naked with him? It might not come to that. There was another woman to arrive to make up the foursome and possibly he might not fancy me in ... the flesh. The bisexual bit might get forgotten. I don't know how I spoke, my head was pounding and my mouth dry. Just as I was running out of conversation the doorbell rang. Laura was thirty five and well, disappointing. Five foot four, mousey mid length hair, little make up. Her smile was pretty and her eyes friendly. No, she was ok. What am I doing judging this woman? More chat and another glass of wine. What happens next? Marie showed Laura and I to our room. So we were to be a 'couple' for the weekend, sharing a bed for sl**p as well as sex. Laura seemed comfortable with this. She had been to a number of John & Marie's weekends. Then Marie said something that made my heart pound even harder. 'Roger is a bit of a virgin with the boys. So we thought we'd start the weekend with him and John giving us a little show. Would you prepare him please Laura?' They'd obviously discussed this beforehand. Laura said she'd dress me. John would be dressed in the same way. Without speaking Laura took off my clothes. She remained in her leggings and sweater. 'Lovely' she said once I was naked. 'Time for your shower'. Her eyes were on me all the time I showered. Slowly my penis began to stiffen. Not fully, just enough for her to notice. She towelled me dry and sprayed me with aftershave. On the bed she laid a black suspender belt, black stockings and a plain black thong. I sat on the bed as she pulled the stockings over my legs and took time to get the suspenders just right. Her touch was ...