1. My Cuckolding By Sara

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: kingdick99, Source: LushStories

    naked in bed with him having sex.” My dick was rock hard as she continued, “She will be naked with him having sex while you are alone in our bed. How would you like that?” “I would love that,” I said, “I want you to do that baby.” After her bath she went to our bedroom to dress and locked the door as I wasn't allowed to see her undressed. She came down some twenty minutes later and looked amazing. “Are you sure about this baby?” she asked. “Most definitely,” I replied, “I am so excited. Doug texted her that he was outside and she kissed me deeply and told me not to wait up for her as she will probably be late. She got into his car and I saw them kiss before they drove away. Next chapter about the date is coming soon.