1. Lovely Lilly

    Date: 9/6/2017, Categories: Fiction, Cheating, Cruelty, Incest, Interracial, Straight Sex, Older, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: tw_holt, Source: sexstories.com

    Author’s note: If you aren’t a fan of stories where a majority of the characters have little to no morals, please don’t read this. You’ve been warned. Move along if this concept doesn’t intrigue you. There are some evil and screwed up people in this story. The sexually active son may be the lesser of the evils. This isn’t a lighthearted love story. Its companion piece “Juicy J” is far more upbeat and lighthearted. Feel free to read that story (about Lilly’s sister) if you prefer that style. This one is also layered tale with several characters. One minor character may say something that another major character draws from later one. Things are connected. If you want a simpler tale with only two characters then please don’t read this. Editing thanks go to Todger65. Lovely Lilly Chapter 1 Lilly was crying. The slap her mother gave her caused the 36 year old to break down. Though the pain from the slap wasn’t the main cause of her tears – her world was falling apart. She suspected her husband, Judd, was having an affair. Lilly also did something she vowed to her twin sister she would never do – go to their mother for help. “Get a hold yourself Lilly!” Her mother, Darla, scolded her. “You brought this on yourself!” Lilly wiped away her tears and nodded, sniffing, she was able to muster a quiet reply, “I just don’t know what to do.” “You don’t know what to do? I’ll tell you what to do,” Darla said, pointing her index finger in her daughter’s face, “you get out there and you do ... what is necessary to make that man jealous and realize his errors.” “I don’t have proof that he’s – ” Lilly countered. “Yes you do. Your intuition. You know it’s true,” Darla interrupted her. Lilly nodded once more, looking to the floor. Her and Judd’s sex life had gone down the toilet, he was working later hours at the law firm, his body had improved, becoming sexier than it already was, often causing Lilly to have masturbatory fantasies as she lay in bed alone late at night. She even saw pieces of pubic hair in the bathroom, on the floor around the toilet or trash can. She guessed he was grooming himself and must’ve missed the picking up a few hairs. The tears welling up again, Lilly asked, “What do I do?” “You find a man, take him to bed, and sleep with him. Judd will smell his cologne, he will notice it, he will figure things out and he will come crawling back to you. Men like him disgust me,” Darla said, causing her daughter to wince at her harsh words. “They marry someone, but have a whole stable of women on the side. The second their lonely wife at home catches on and sleeps around, he feels threatened; he doesn’t want to lose that little wife and his house and his toys in a divorce. So he will change. Just like your father,” Darla said, speaking from personal experience. Lilly sat at the kitchen table, rubbing her throbbing temples, “I just don’t know,” said through the tears. “Look for opportunities. Call your cousin, Marie, she’s been sleeping around on her husband ...