1. Forward to go back (The Mission 3)

    Date: 9/8/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Non-Erotic, Romance, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    on the device, he had to have it almost perfect if this plan was to work. Unlike the device he'd used on Alatem's sister this could go back as far as you wanted and was a lot harder to regain memories. Alatem had avoided her father almost all day, she dreaded when he caught up to her, there were questions that he'd ask that she wasn't prepared to answer. She was heading away from her father when she realised that she'd left the wrist com Charles had made for her in her room. Without it she'd never know when Charles was ready, damnit! She'd just walked in her room when he walked in behind her unexpected, startled she didn't see the signal Charles sent to signify he was ready. Closing and locking her door her father thought he had her now, Charles flashed in behind him witin seconds of this, realising he had to act fast, he stunned the emperor. Alatem could only stare opened mouth almost believing that Charles had killed her father. Charles walked to the man now unconscious as Alatem moved to intercept him, "He's not dead Alatem just stunned, I have to erase and put in there that he hasn't seen me yet. I'll do this as a reload ok?" Charles could ...
    see that she was shaking, she and her father might not agree at all but it was evident she loved him fiercely. Charles knelt to start the prodedure when Ally chimed in that the subject had to be awake. Cursing Charles knew that the emperor would be out at least another hour, sighing he pulled a small injection from the pouch at his side. Looking at Alatem he told her to be prepared for almost anything, the emperor jerked awake wondering what the hell had happened. Looking around he saw he was on the floor next to Alatem he turned his head the other way and met the eyes of the man who'd saved his family 3 time in 4 days, plus revealed that his traitorous brother was behind all the assassination attempts. "I don't know who you are but you are a great hero to the empire, what would you like for your reward?" The emperor asked. "Can you make him a royal?" Alatem asked? "You know that isn't possible without certain criteria," he replied. "Dad, cut the shit, we both know you can do it!" Alatem yelled. "You know I can't, not yet," he said. Alatem shook her head at Charles as he started the M.E.A.R (memory erase adjust reload) device. TO BE CONTINUED